Working with the City…

Two things I did today. Both of which I THOUGHT would be a hassle has proven to be very simple.

1) I called to request street lights on my block-404-330-6699. I do not understand why this wasn’t done sooner. Actually, I think because I usually enter in at the side of my house and not the front, I never realized just how dark it is. The single light in the middle of the block is NOT uncovering nor discouraging illegal activities. So I called. They put in my request and will send someone out. I’ll stay on that.

2) I called Dept of Public Works, Solid Waste Services 404-330-6333 and requested a public trash can to be placed a the corner of my house. The lady put in the request and said someone will be out to do that. That simple? Wow? So why was I living with the trash the school kids leave in front of my house? (the school bus picks them up on the side of my house and for some reason they have decided to utilize the front of my home,stairs, as the waiting area, and my curb as a garbage disposal. Do you know how much candy kids eat before school? -TOOO much!)

So today I learned a lesson. The city and their services, can not work for you- if you don’t put them to work. Shame of me!

Author: niaknowles

Real Estate Broker, Christian Yogi, Mother of three

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