New Construction

Gorgeous NEW construction in Historic West End. Now is  your chance to buy a wonderful new home in the city. If you have credit challenges-the owner is willing to Lease Purchase! Begin investing in your future while you rebuild your credit. (will also lease without purchase)

Spacious 3/2, hardwoods, crown molding, trey & vaulted ceiling, fenced backyard- deck!! Prime location- walk to Coffee house, CVS, Marta.

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NPU-T’s Parks, Recreation, & Cultural Affairs Committee

Will have their first meeting tonight!

Thursday, November 29

6:30-7:30 pm

Our agenda for this month’s meeting will include:

  • Developing a plan to assist Soisette Lumpkin [with the Beltline Partnership] in finding volunteers for her door-to-door BeltLine education campaign
  • Developing a plan for committee members to attend BeltLine related meetings and groups
  • Discussing other BeltLine and non-BeltLine related issues of interest to the group

I hope to see you on Thursday,

Evelyn Washington

NPU-T PRCA Committee Chair


Do you know about the BeltLine?

A dynamic initiative is being put in place: door to door canvasing to inform the residents on the Southside about the BeltLine. I will be joining this group- and we need more volunteers. If you are interested in being apart of this door-door canvas please contact:

Soisette Lumpkin,Manager

BeltLine Partnership Outreach-Southern Crescent
404 694-5099.

We need you- our community needs you.

I’ll have more information for you on this and will, of course, share with you all that I learn about this project. If you can not make it to any BeltLine meeting or if you have ANY questions or concerns- please, let me know. I’ll send you as much information as I can. We all need to remain informed and aware of this project.

Open Mic Night & a Math-athon

Open Mic night at the Grounds was inspiring. Harrison (age 9) set it off with one of his original pieces. I always get excited when I see kids in their space- conformable with themselves and life, free enough to stand before a group of adults and speak. -And not just saying ‘anything!’ He had a message.

*appaulds for Harrison *

Open mic night is every Wednesday starting at 7:30. Vincent Tolliver is a regular but we came out with the kids- unfortunatly we didn’t get to hear his piece (as per him, this piece was not for their ears-lol)

Speaking of Harrison, you’ll be amazed when you meet this young man (maybe not- if you’ve met his parents since the apple does not fall far…). Harrison is participating in a Math-athon to help children with cancer for St. Jude Hospital. He is asking for our support, and asking for us to contribute any amount of money- per math problem he complete- i.e. $1 per problem he solves. You can sign up in the Grounds Coffee House (@ the Sky Lofts)- they may not have the sign out so be sure to ASK. It’s for a good cause, and he’s no slacker. How many kids do you know, who are willing to do MATH to help someone? I normally see kids by the side of the interstate with a football uniform or donuts asking me to “donate to my team”………. the unknown team?

Read between the lines…

I’ve toured just about every available home in the Historic West End, and most in Westview. Why? Because 1) I like (and NEED) to know my inventory and 2) I like to view houses.

Like many of you, what moved me to view these homes were the few pictures on the MLS, and the ads detailing their attributes. These very convincing ads that either start or end with “Great for first time home owner”, had (and have) me viewing more than I can keep notes on (since most of my buyers fit this description). These descriptions have also surprised many of my buyers once we go and view the homes.

When I was looking for my first home, and read many of the ads, I immediately began to imagine myself in the homes. I thought of gleaming hardwood floors, a bright and sunny kitchen… spacious –sterile, CLEAN bathrooms etc.. I quickly snapped out of that thought after viewing my first 5 homes. My picture perfect “first time home buyer” homes- were NOT like that at all. In fact, I couldn’t even imagine sending anyone in the house to clean it before I moved in.

Today, I came across an article about advertising homes that may not fit the picture-perfect fantasy. I thought about the many other advisements I’ve read that have not added up or met the expectations set by the ad….then I wondered if it was the Ad- or ME. After reading the article, I know it was me.

My problem: I didn’t read between the lines.

Here are some examples of ad words that “emphasize the positive” (the source, this was taken from is listed below). Take a look, get a good chuckle- do you remember seeing these in any of the ad’s for homes that have caught your attention?

  • Convenient to shopping: Next to a strip mall.
  • Convenient to freeway: Next to the on-ramp.
  • Seller has left you to your own imagination: Hasn’t been updated since 1940.
  • Great bones: You’ll need to tear it down to the studs.
  • Charming: Small.
  • Cozy: Tiny.
  • Cute: Small and fussy.
  • Dollhouse, adorable: Nauseatingly cute.
  • Unique: Remodeled by someone on acid.
  • Handyman special: Bring boots.
  • Motivated seller: They need to sell before they default on their mortgage.
  • Very quiet interior: You can barely hear the freeway with the windows shut.

Source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Aubrey Cohen (11/21/07)

Now you too can read between the lines, and with a better understanding of this- know what to expect when you view your, “soon to be dream home.”