A Castle on Queen Street for sale…

Queen Street HouseQueen Street Hall

Historic West End Beauty. 4bd/ 3bath, 12ft ceiling, gated entry (I wanted this gate!) Fully renovated great details.. lovely home! Want to see more?

[where: 30310 ]

Author: niaknowles

Real Estate Broker, Christian Yogi, Mother of three

3 thoughts on “A Castle on Queen Street for sale…”

  1. I actually prefer to view resident renovations- NO, restorations, opposed to renovations done by investors who want to flip. Yes, they’re usually pretty, but many don’t know details… they usually rip out all the good stuff and replace it with something more modern…I wish more of the investors understood that the West End is something more… the houses are something special and a standard renovation will NOT due.
    *coming from someone with a renovated house- now wishing I had a restored one* lol
    But I love my house- I still have a few original details. My next project will be to buy one and restore it. (which will probably be my 10yr project lol….restorations seem like they can add up!)

  2. I would actually love too see this house. Please forward information if house is still available

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