Did we sleep on Washington Park???

I know I did! I have taken a tour through the community a few weeks ago and was very impressed by what I saw. The leadership within the association, and residents are a force making positive changes and a noticeable impact.

NPU-T held their executive committee meeting yesterday. The meeting was hosted by Booker T. Washington Community Association and the venue selected was the Washington Park Natatorium (102 Ollie Street NW Atlanta, GA 30314)
I must say, almost embarrassingly, I have never been to their Natatorium. The Natatorium was created 4year ago, and it’s AMAZING! They hold night swimming lessons in two gigantic heated lap pools. The facility is huge-CLEAN and inviting! I’m sorry I didn’t take advantage of the offer to swim before the meeting began- but I’ll be back. I plan to get a family membership! My girls will LOVE year round swimming in such a beautiful facility, with nice art work! Take a look- I know, my pictures are horrible-lol hey, I’m a Realtor, not a Photographer:

Swimming Pool



Also- the homes are certainly worth viewing. Add this city neighborhood to your list. Zip 30314. Here are some homes I saw on my search.

lr1606686-1.jpg 3567229_0.jpg

3568959_0.jpg 3602092_0.jpg

3570463_0.jpg 3573366_0.jpg

3611369_0.jpg lr1449212-1.jpg

Author: niaknowles

From Native New Yorker (Brooklyn) to Atlanta Realtor, with a love for architecture and design. Atlanta based Real Estate Consultant working to restore and sell Intown Homes; REO,South West (Westside,West End, Westview Communities 30310,30311,30314,30318 zip codes)

4 thoughts on “Did we sleep on Washington Park???”

  1. Great article on Washington Park and the Natatorium. Sad to say, I have never been in the Natatorium either and I live only 2 blocks away. I moved here in late August and bought a brand new house. At the time, it seemed to be taking a gamble, however, I am astonished at the amount of development taking place all around me. In fact, two of the biggest eyesores when I moved here were within the 5 blocks or so between my house and Simpson. They are now beautifully renovated and really look quite nice, while having kept their original structure. All in a couple months!
    I currently have three vacant houses near me, the one to the left, the one to the right, and the one directly across the street. The one directly across the street is huge, new, very nice on the inside (some damages to repair, but very manageable) and was a forclosure apparently due to being a drug house (before I moved in to my home). This home is available (and has been for a very long time) for 189,900. The house to the left of mine was just auctioned earlier this week for only 32,500!!! It is an old mess that will most likely be TOTALLY renovated or possibly completely torn down. I haven’t decided how I feel about that, but I am interested to see what will happen, and I am hoping whatever it is will increase my property value! I really love the Washington Park area and all the neighbors have been very friendly (and seemingly welcoming of the diversity brought to the area). Most of my neighbors are older folks who moved in to these houses as children, and I can imagine most of these homes were “new” at the time. Being an outsider coming in, it almost appeared that development in this area had entirely ceased until just recently. All I do know is that development in this area is booming and I would love to see it continue. I also hold hopes that one day I will visit the Natatorium and no longer have to step over used condoms and broken glass to get there as I did last time I decided to venture to the park to walk my dog.

  2. I for one did not sleep on Washington Park. My family and I have been living in the area close to 4 years, and love it. We face our challenges as most “in-town” communities do, but you can’t beat the location or the community services that surround us. Outside of a zoning issue regarding a Bed & Breakfast in the community, which has divided most of the neighbors, most of the neighbors are up and coming young professionals who see the benefits of living “in-town” in a historic Black community. I remember the area from “Freaknik” in the early to mid 90’s and the area has grown by leaps and bounds. We love our little community and are anxious to see it grow even more in the near future.

  3. Friends of Washington Park is a volunteer organization that is working to support the park. We’ve raised money, designed a long-term master plan, and rolled up our sleeves to improve our park. If people are interested in helping us make it more beautiful, clean and safe, by all means, join us for our third Saturday Volunteer Days or join one of our committees. Neighbors: please don’t sit in your house waiting for someone else to make our community better. It’s up to you!

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