I can’t deny it…

I’m a bit stressed. About what? The market, our zip code, mortgage fraud- it’s effects on us and the fact  that the West End is constantly over looked as Atlanta’s HOT in-town city by magazines. If I pick up another Atlanta Newcomer and see only Grant Park, East Atlanta, Virgina Highlands listed…I’ll be forced to ask Carl Ness (the mastermind behind our Christmas party that had us on the front page of the AJC) to write one of profound letters on the West End to the editors…

I know this all will change, and the “Nay Sayers”, and those that over looked us will regret it- either they will regret it or try to jump on the band wagon at the end and claim to have known it all along- or have been apart of it’s growth and discovery.

I guess I shouldn’t be too upset about us being over looked. After all, this does allow those seriously and committed to being apart of the community to move in and afford to buy while working on many of our ‘grass roots’ projects. …and I guess I can’t be too mad because unlike other locations, at least our neighbors are not stressing over their mortgage payments in this declining market. …And I guess I should not be stressed, because what goes down will always come back up…right? Right?  Especially in Real Estate.  Sure it will. We know Real Estate- and this is just a snag that was going to happen sooner or later.  At least I didn’t pay 1million dollars for my home and it’s now appraising at 500K….. then it would be time for me to head south…….or to  Maine,(the only state that did not dip in value this quarter)

Staying positive… that’s the key.

This too shall pass…but in the mean time, while I’m venting let the record show that I really DISLIKE the new beta yahoo mailbox.

Author: niaknowles

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6 thoughts on “I can’t deny it…”

  1. If it makes you feel any better, I’m very interested in settling in the West End or Westview. I just can’t do it quite yet (as I’m working on finishing up school), and I know I’m not the only one who’s having to wait before looking for a home in a cool little spot like the West End.

    Just keep putting the word out! People like me are listening!

  2. Maybe we need to lobby for a Fellini’s Pizza – I decided the other day that it’s the best way to determine that a neighborhood has ‘made it’ as far as in-town, transitioning neighborhoods. Heck, we’d settle for any pizza place within walking distance 🙂

  3. Halley that does make me feel much better 🙂 Thank you. Can’t wait to have you as a neighbor

    Mary- I heard there is a pizza shop on Lee Street across from the train station…haven’t found it yet…I probably walked right by it lol… I’ll try this weekend.

  4. I’m under contract for a house in the West End. I think our neighborhood is going to have it’s own flavor like NO OTHER intown community. These other neighborhoods are increasingly lacking diversity-I know first hand since I live in ‘one’ of them.

    There’s a beauty to living in a balanced neighborhood. It’s 2008, it’s time to co-exist (and I’m not talking about gentrification). I’m talking about communities w/ cultural fussion that encompass different races, economic classes, sexual preferences, spiritual beliefs, lifestyles, and so on! There’s a creative vibe that naturally thrives in a balanced environment.

    The other day, I was sitting at a coffee shop in Brooklyn and I had a conversation w/ a graphic designer. He was talking about how expensive housing has become in Brooklyn & Harlem. Word! That’s why I left (& probably a few others reading this)! He told me how dry the neighborhood was becoming, a new shop sells $30 cheeses (a long ways from the bodega-deli sandwich). Racial/class uniformity killing Ft. Greene? Who wants that? So, Fellini’s (however u spell it) is played out! Who wants the same ‘exact’ pizza shop in every neighborhood?

    I want Authentic multi-cultural food…yes…can someone please tell me where I can get Puerto Rican food in Atlanta? Fresh, local, live music venues. Can we house local artist who can live and make their living within our neighborhood lines w/o eventually pushing them out? And can we PLEASE, treasure and take care of all those residents who have a wealth of memories & history in the West End? That’s the beauty of building community!

    People I’ve met in the West End are caring and friendly… I know I’m going to love living here! There’s leaders and there’s followers. There’s trend-setters & then there’s those who read magazines & follow shit once it’s established. To step outside the box is a beautiful thing! Not everyone has foresight…a toast for those of us who know better!

  5. This neighborhood will change; give it five years and it’s going to be the new hippest neighborhood in Atl-Anta. But we need more people who help change this community WE NEED YOU!!!! Don’t ask what your community can do for you, but what you can do for your community: D. If you are not involved in the community, then don’t complain that nothing has changed. “Git up, git out and git something” Don’t think like consumer but think as a community member (Flipping market is OVER, Balloon is still inflating…. ) We don’t need investors; we need people who will help change that neighborhood into something unique in Atlanta (crooked investors failed). Anybody can afford a house here, if you have some DIY skills and some imagination. Lots of things are going to happen soon… We are not Grant Park or East Atlanta; we are unique WEST ENDer’s.

  6. “Intoeyes Collective” …. Thanks for your comment 😉 would love to meet you- I see you have a West End website coming soon; Wonderful!

    I think we do need both investors and people willing to come in, roll up their sleeves and work to help rebuild the community. I’m constantly reminded that all investors are not crooked and sometimes we do need their deep pockets to help move things along faster…
    I, as much as the other person can appreciate stable, paced growth- but I can not hope for a better West End 25yrs from now…my children deserve to grow within a thriving community and the seniors who have labored here deserve to see change before they pass… it’s our season.

    I have my mind set on the same time frame- 5yrs… when I bought here I said the same thing and I work hard within the community with this in mind.

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