Where are my buyers with vision?…


I’ve been watching this home (and a few others) for months…waiting for the signs to go up. Foreclosure… No, a resident didn’t lose his/her home..but an investor did!

This empty partially renovated (more than most, but need’s new floors) bungalow has been taunting me. I’m kicking myself because my batteries were depleted in the camera so I couldn’t get good pictures (I know- I know… why don’t I have rechargeable?), there are a few online, but you MUST SEE this one to appreciate.  This home is very spacious- listed as a 3/2… let me tell you- that’s not accurate (listing agent, did you view it before listing it?)- over 2000 sqft …HUGE Attic fully converted with a kitchen, bathroom and spacious bedrooms- one large enough to  have a platform… you just have to see it! The space is unexpected- the upstairs skylights and kitchen are unexpected (and just waiting to be riped out and expand the master bath into a spa retreat…the lovely arches separating the living-room and dining room are very unexpected but nicely done!

Sonia- if  the other does not come through- hey, I found your new home..and Dean’s theater room already with a platform for his huge TV.. LOL….

Ok- the only thing; I’m trying to figure out the parking situation… there is a parking pad behind the home with a covering but I don’t  know if it belongs to the house… I need a survey. Maybe there’s an alley.. I’ll look again tomorrow..

Author: niaknowles

Real Estate Broker, Christian Yogi, Mother of three

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