I was reminded why I love the West End

this weekend when my car stopped working. It actually did me a favor. I got out- and WALKED to all my home tours. I walked to the mall, park, Kroger, McDonald’s, -around, up and down throughout all of MY neighborhood and it felt good. Seeing the early signs of spring- neighbors in their garden preparing to plant next month, meeting new neighbors moving in and hearing children’s laughter in the West End Park playground renewed my spirit.

When I first moved to GA, I lived in Decatur- off Wesley Chapel. I remember moving to GA without a car and being stuck. Stuck in my house- not being able to make it to the supermarket because at that time (6yrs ago) there were no side walks out there. Even now, although there are sidewalks- the streets are so massive, I’m not brave enough to run across them with my kids lol… But I disliked this state, and longed for home because I felt helpless.

 Thank God for experiences and “due season”…. I don’t think I would appreciate this area as much if I did  not experience that.  With that in mind, I thank God for the labor and work we must do (and are doing) now…it makes the future of the West End look much sweeter.

Author: niaknowles

Real Estate Broker, Christian Yogi, Mother of three

One thought on “I was reminded why I love the West End”

  1. I think the ability to walk is very underrated.

    At first, I thought you were talking about the West End inside NYC.

    But I can see there is another one in Georgia.

    Walking can account for a change of perception.

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