See, I knew I liked Will and Jada Smith..

they home school! And now they’re opening a new school… see Essence article HERE

I met a man a few weeks ago who was totally against everything except for Public School..needless to say he is a Teacher in the APS system. He was going on and on bashing Charter Schools about the use of public funding etc… so I had to ask “What do you think about Home school?”  As a deep frown spread across his face, he began to tell me all the WRONG with home schooling and home schooled kids i.e they will not know how to work with others, they are sheltered, they are not social etc- the same nonsense many think. ( I wasn’t angry- I’ve been doing this 3yrs now and have heard everything from family,friends, “teachers”- and my favorite, STRANGERS. ) But here is the killer…so I ask this highly opinionated teacher, “Do you have kids?”   and as usual, the response was “NO! But, I work with kids daily.”   That was all I needed to hear to end the conversation.

Anyway, for all of you other home schooling moms or those thinking of it, here is a cool new group I was introduced to : Kid Cultivators Homeschool Support Group

Author: niaknowles

From Native New Yorker (Brooklyn) to Atlanta Realtor, with a love for architecture and design. Atlanta based Real Estate Consultant working to restore and sell Intown Homes; REO,South West (Westside,West End, Westview Communities 30310,30311,30314,30318 zip codes)

One thought on “See, I knew I liked Will and Jada Smith..”

  1. Hi Nia,

    Thanks for the ‘shout out’ for Kid Cultivators Homeschool Support Group! I look forward to meeting you at our next meeting.

    It’s amazing how opinionated others can be about something they really no nothing about. As a former teacher, in APS no less, myself I can see why so many teacher’s are againsted home school. But most of them are simply ill-informed. Here’s a book I just finished reading dealing with one of the MAIN reasons teachers are usually againsted the whole idea of homeschooling–the big ‘s’ word: SOCIALIZATION!!

    The title is: The Well-Adjusted Child the Social Benefits of Homeschooling by Rachel Gathercole. This is a great book to recommend to those who just don’t ‘get it.’ It will also clears up all the misconceptions and uses actual interviews with homeschooling parents and students to tell just what we’re doing and way it works so well!

    I could share more….like reading books by John Taylor Gatto (Dumbing Us Down & The Underground History of American Education) who points out all the reasons why public education is failing. But I’ll stop here! 😉

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