Creating Vibrant Communities.. CVC

Have you seen our new community Urban Farm on Atwood and Beecher? I was inspired, but my backyard is the pits so I’m doing a container garden.

A few weeks ago I learned that I have a nectarine tree (which is being debated. My mother said it’s a plum tree but they’re NOT!- after extensive research at Krogers-LOL- I have concluded that they are nectarines. Only a bit smaller because no chemicals or growth hormones were added) Now the battle is between the squirrels, and birds…. between the two of them, I’m losing, because I don’t have enough time to pick them before they’re bitten.

Also, the lack of rain is not helping; I need some advice on self watering plants/vegetables..any idea’s?

Author: niaknowles

Real Estate Broker, Christian Yogi, Mother of three

2 thoughts on “Creating Vibrant Communities.. CVC”

  1. Cover your trees up if you can — you can get netting for cherry trees and the like that might defeat them — or hang mirrors (or used CDs) to swing in the breeze and scare them off. Good luck!

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