Down payment assistance???

Ok, here’s the deal. Yes- the city does have programs that will provide down payment assistance to first time home buyers. But before you begin to jump for joy- please know that the home MUST be in move in ready to condition to participate in the programs I’ve seen. (if there are some that will allow you to rehab a house and provide this assistance,I’m not familiar with it- if you are, please provide this info to us all..)

As you know, all of our vacant homes in the West End/Westview neighborhoods are usually missing or in need of a new- HVAC, Furnace, Hot water heater and in some cases plumbing, electrical and pretty much a lot of what would make these homes “move-in condition”.   However, if you happened to come upon that rare gem-take a look at this:ada-flyer 

Unfortunately, I heard these funds may be running out by October, but I dont know for sure.

Find out more at

Author: niaknowles

Real Estate Broker, Christian Yogi, Mother of three

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