SAVE our Fire Station #7!!! A message from WEND:

WEND have been trying to save this firehouse, we even had people who were willing to fix the firehouse up for free.  We were told that it was not on the cutting block.  But things change quickly and now Mayor Franklin has decided to close the firehouse. 
Help us bring the closing to the attention of people.  The media with be at the Station tomorrow.  We would like you to be there as well.  Please come out at 7:00pm Saturday July 13 to firehouse number 7.  It’s located on Whitehall street behind Capital City bank.  The schedule closing date is this Monday
Let’s show everyone how much we love this station.  And if that is not were your heart is, think about your pocketbook.  If this station close, it is possible that your home insurance rates will increase.  Once again, I ask you to stand with me.
Place: Firehouse number 7
Time: 7pm
Date: Saturday July 12th
This message has been brought to us by Vonda Henry, Secretary of WEND

What’s even more disappointing to me is in June-I was at the NPU-T meeting with Mayor Franklin who at that time clearly stated: ‘the station would NOT be closing’, after being questioned by our many concerned residents.

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