Atlanta Bicycle Coalition

Maybe it’s living this close to the Beltline…maybe it’s the change in season… or  maybe it’s just me noticing how gas prices are rising again… Either way, this will be my spring/summer of biking!  Join me.  a good site filled with cycling events, Intown routes and cycling news. Also register for the Earth Day Bike Beltline Tour( by 4/17)  on this site.

A few bike sites in my “favorites”.. I’ll add to this list as I find them: – I learned a lot on this site about Bikes and the type I should look for, suitable for my use.

Author: niaknowles

Real Estate Broker, Christian Yogi, Mother of three

One thought on “Atlanta Bicycle Coalition”

  1. Nia, thanks for the note! As a West End resident myself (well, just outside, past the Kroger citi center), I have learned a lot of local goings-on from your blog, so thanks for being a great community resource.

    While registration by mail ends on the 17th, people can still register online for the Earth Day BeltLine Bike Tour until the 24th, or in person at the ride start on April 26th.

    Let me know if you would like any advice on selecting the right bike for you. We also have classes called Confident City Cycling that are really helpful for learning everything you need to know to bike safely around Atlanta.

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