Fruit Trees in the West End

I was recently made aware of this cool blog, talking about things right under MY nose!  I have a fruit tree in front of my house- but had no clue…well, I knew I had a tree-I just didn’t know that it was a fruit tree since it’s still very young.

I remember having a Mulberry trees  in the backyard of one of my Brooklyn rentals…I did not appreciate it then- all the berries, falling and staining EVERYTHING.. now the girls and I are always on a hunt for this tree.   This site has a map of the Atlanta fruit tree locations- how cool is that?  This summer, we plan to take some time to follow the map and taste Atlanta! We also plan to contribute to the map (a great Home School project) since we already know of a few Peach Trees, Apple Trees and a few Mulberry bushes in the West End!

Author: niaknowles

Real Estate Broker, Christian Yogi, Mother of three

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