You never know who you know, until you ask…

I have over 3,000 Facebook friends. It never occurred to me to ask one for help in any way. -Until today. I have an amazing team working on my website and developing my brand, but they are finally taking a well deserved break- when suddenly EVERYTHING has become urgent in my life. After months of ME working and being too busy to focus on my brand, I jumped up with a “just do it” attitude. My “Just Do It” team is in Europe.  Funny. Isn’t  it always like this?

Today I decided it was time for Area West to have a “Facebook” page of her own but my logo would not upload in an appropriate side. After 45mins of fighting and pretending to be a graphic designer (because I’m NIA KNOWLES and can do ANYTHING) …I had to give this one up to a professional. I just put it out there. Right on my Facebook page; ‘I NEED HELP’.

You would not believe the number of responses I received. Then I started to review the websites, and work of the friends…. I’m amazed! I know big people, doing great things- wanting to HELP ME…

I feel very blessed. I am now looking for how I can return the favor.

Here is a website to one of the great designers.  Thank you good,clean design

…oh, another bonus, they are in my neighboring Beltline Community!

good,clean design | 370 deckner ave,sw | atlanta, ga 30310
P: 404.756.0230 | F: 404.753.9468 |

Author: niaknowles

Real Estate Broker, Christian Yogi, Mother of three

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