Great Atlanta Youth Walk

The 11th annual Great Atlanta Youth Walk steps off from West End Park (Lawton & Oak Streets SW) on Saturday, October 6th at 10:00AM

The Youth Walk is the only event of it’s kind to highlight the positive aspects of intown communities . The walk takes place in Atlanta’s historic West End District, and raises much needed money for local programs that add value and purpose to the lives of children.

You can support the Great Atlanta Youth Walk by setting a personal goal of raising at least $25. Contact Cheryl Odeleye at 404-588-0708 or at to find out more, sign up your school, business or civic organization to become a sponsor.

Community Event: Association Meeting

Peeple’s Street LibraryTonight there will be a WEND (West End Neighborhood Development) meeting at the Peeples Street Library.

Start: 7:00 PM

Before I bought my home, I attended a meeting. I wanted to meet some of the residence and find out the future plans for this community, some of the daily gripes and make sure there were others committed to improving the community as I would be. I was very pleased to meet some wonderful people- not only did they make me feel at home. These residences were deeply concerned about the community- where it is now, and its growth.

When I went to closing, I knew I made the right decision.

I’ll add a picture of the library later today. It’s really a nice place- some what hidden but you’ll find it on the wonderful Peeples Street. The other end holds many of the historically viewed and toured homes.