Why YOU should live in the West End…

We have Krispy Kreme!!

If you haven’t taste one of their freshly baked- warm glazed donuts….you’re missing a treat.  I bought (and ate) a dozen, and  the glaze was just icing on the cake to my West End life 🙂

I can never again purchase a pack out of Krogers….

NPU-T Meeting and Holiday Party

On behalf of our President, Kwabena “Cubby” Nkromo, I’d like to invite you to attend our last NPU-T meeting of the 2007 year.
Please come out, bring a neighbor and represent your community at this event.

There will be a “pot luck” celebration to wrap up our meeting and year,- feel free to bring a dish of your choice.
Let’s unite, reflect and enjoy as we prepare to roll up our sleeves and make positive changes within our communities in the New Year.

Date: Dec 12th
Time: 7:30PM
Location: Founders Hall- Shrine of the Black Madonna on Ralph David Abernathy Blvd

Community Associations and Organizations within NPU-T

The West End Coalition Group, Inc.

Booker T. Washington Community Association

Ashview Community Development Association, Inc.

Westview Community Organization, Inc.

West End Neighborhood Development Association (WEND)

Just Us Neighbors

It’s Our Neighborhood

The West End Merchants Coalition, Inc.

~Nia Knowles
NPU-T Public Relations Officer

Open Mic Night & a Math-athon

Open Mic night at the Grounds was inspiring. Harrison (age 9) set it off with one of his original pieces. I always get excited when I see kids in their space- conformable with themselves and life, free enough to stand before a group of adults and speak. -And not just saying ‘anything!’ He had a message.

*appaulds for Harrison *

Open mic night is every Wednesday starting at 7:30. Vincent Tolliver is a regular but we came out with the kids- unfortunatly we didn’t get to hear his piece (as per him, this piece was not for their ears-lol)

Speaking of Harrison, you’ll be amazed when you meet this young man (maybe not- if you’ve met his parents since the apple does not fall far…). Harrison is participating in a Math-athon to help children with cancer for St. Jude Hospital. He is asking for our support, and asking for us to contribute any amount of money- per math problem he complete- i.e. $1 per problem he solves. You can sign up in the Grounds Coffee House (@ the Sky Lofts)- they may not have the sign out so be sure to ASK. It’s for a good cause, and he’s no slacker. How many kids do you know, who are willing to do MATH to help someone? I normally see kids by the side of the interstate with a football uniform or donuts asking me to “donate to my team”………. the unknown team?

Quilts and Dolls..

We’re not talking child’s play when we speak of Dolls! I had the privilege of hosting/greeting for the opening of the new exhibition at the Hammonds House Galleries and Resource Center. The new exhibitions will leave you speechless and ready to run out and buy a few dolls- collector dolls,that is.

Made with Hands and Hearts: Quilts and Dolls from the collection of Beverly Guy-Sheftall Curator: M. Akua McDaniel, is a MUST see collection.

The collection of Beverly Guy-Sheftall is remarkable and extensive. The dolls alone (by Francine Haskin) had me memorized looking at the various intricate detailing and work. Nearly life-like in personality, you can feel the sass, confidence and- “no-joke” attitude from each. There is also a video of Ms Guy-Sheftall speaking about her collection, the time line she received them, how she feels about each and what they bring to her.

Some of the quilts displayed are: Out of the Sun and Circumcision Quilt- Penny Sisto, Daughter of the Great Goddess- Carolyn L. Mazloomi.  Talk about talent?!!! Being blessed with a gift?!! These quilts were certainly a God inspired creation.

After this event, I am seriously considering becoming a collector of some of the dolls (I’m not sure how that will work with my two little girls who would want to touch) . But I was wondering if it’s too late- Ms Guy-Sheftall started her collection in 1973! Surely a piece at that age is out of my budget… 😦  however I think I will work towards at least one piece of Francine Haskin.

Upstairs in the house is a continuation of Quilts and Fibers:Keepers Of Ayida’s Rainbow: 7 Contemporary Quilt and Fiber Artists: Curator: Kevin Sipp

Artists:  Dandridge, Zelda Grant, Patricia Landry, K. Joy Peters, Linda Poindexter, Khalil Raghman, Janet Saboor. Personal collections from collector Robert Belcher

Go and be amazed! Some items are also on sale so you can begin your collection

Hammonds House Museum and Resource Center of African American Art: www.hammondshouse.org

In the mean time, I’m opting to collect work from some of our up coming local artists, which is a tough decision when you are weighing if they will have a value more than sentiment in the future.   Lillian Blades www.LillianBlades.com , a good friend and well known artists is one to collect and look out for. I’ll have a write up on her soon.