Calling all West End/ Westview Volunteers…

BeltLine Partnership Canvas this Saturday (Feb 9th) will be in the West End and Westview.  We need additional support and man power to help go door to door and give out BeltLine information. Training provided Friday and Saturday.  Learn more about the BeltLine and how it will affect you- then help your neighbors 🙂

send me an email for additional info- we need you!

Beltline Study Group Cram Session

West End / Westview Resident presence is a MUST if you want your concerns addressed!

Check out this Beltline Cram flyer….

Come out and Learn more about the Beltline and How it will affect
SW Atlanta!

We will discuss:
• Previous SW Study Group Meetings
• The Beltline Master Plan
• Our unified vision for the Beltline

We will also plan for the January 29th Study Group meeting
(6:30-8:30p at Atlanta Metropolitan College in the Academic Bldg)
The Beltline is like a train. It’s going to keep moving whether we
are on board or not. Let’s get on board and make our voice heard!

KROGER Community Room (by the Dairy Section)
ATLANTA , GA 30310


Beltline design: ‘A lack of emphasis on quality’


Check out this article: READ ME

As you know, I’ve been trying to follow the Beltline closely. One, because I live within a block away from the proposed path here in the West End, and two, many of my clients are moving to the West End/ Westview area because of it.

Although, there are MANY resources, and information on the subject, several website, news articles, study groups, focus groups- the list just goes on and on…..BUT, how could one keep up? This is why I have volunteered for the door- door campaign with the Beltline Partnership. Everyone does not have the luxury of being in a network with others pooling information- so during our door-door sweep, we hope to inform, educate and in some cases make aware for the first time -residents about the Beltline. This is a very important matter that will change and shape neighborhoods. YOU need to be aware of this and if possible- attend a meeting to have input on this.

As the NPU-T , Parks Recreation and Cultural Affairs committee obtain further informtion, I’ll post it. We has a committee specifically for the Beltline. So if you are a bit confused, or don’t know how to join or how to be apart of the discussions, please contact me and I will direct you to the appropriate contact within Neighborhood Planning Unit T…I’m sure we can use your help within our committee and bring you up to speed 🙂

NPU-T’s Parks, Recreation, & Cultural Affairs Committee

Will have their first meeting tonight!

Thursday, November 29

6:30-7:30 pm

Our agenda for this month’s meeting will include:

  • Developing a plan to assist Soisette Lumpkin [with the Beltline Partnership] in finding volunteers for her door-to-door BeltLine education campaign
  • Developing a plan for committee members to attend BeltLine related meetings and groups
  • Discussing other BeltLine and non-BeltLine related issues of interest to the group

I hope to see you on Thursday,

Evelyn Washington

NPU-T PRCA Committee Chair