The ties that bind us…

After a long day of homeschooling, real estate transactions, IT recruitment AND being mommy to dancing princesses -literally –Mini Me #2 Mini Me #2

it was nice to get out and take a stroll up to The Grounds Coffeehouse at the Skylofts. The atmosphere was everything you would expect and want in a growing city neighborhood.

Great music, comfortable seating, good conversation and best of all- well priced and made warm beverages! My daughters talked about the White Hot Chocolate on the walk home, and how I should have ordered another round ‘to go’ as well. I had a Mocha Latte with whipped cream and chocolate syrup… I almost ordered another when I remembered it was after 7; staying up to watch the walls at midnight was NOT an option.

The spirit of unity and ‘for the growth of OUR community’ resonated off the owners, Carlos and Tamara. You get a sense that it’s not all about the money for them.. and judging by the way my girls continued to beg me to buy cookies- for them either. (Thank you Tamara for the cookies!)

While my husband vibes with Carlos on topics ranging from Brooklyn, Redman to the changes in the West End… I was able to capture a mother son moment which made my heart proud. You can tell the two boys, (Harrison 10 and Benny 7) are proud of their parents, paving the way for these future entrepreneurs.

In all my picture taking, I neglected to capture a clear picture of Benny- who entertained my girls and has been officially deemed “the boy with the coolest cars”lol…. I’ll be sure to take another on my next visit.

I’m excited about this Coffeehouse, which caters to everyone; families, students, professionals, seniors and anyone in between. Stop in, I know you will agree it is certainly an added benefit to living in the West End.

The Grounds Coffeehouse @ Skylofts

898 Oak Street, Atlanta 30310

Free Wi-Fi

Art Exhibits

Open Mic Nights Every Wednesday

Children’s Reading Hour Saturday morning

Morning coffee delivery service for Skyloft Tenants

Westview Community Organization

Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending Westview’s association meeting. Which is held the first Monday of every month at 7PM-SHARP at the Calvary Methodist Church located at 1471 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd. (I’ll have to add a calendar to this blog)

It was wonderful to meet long standing residents- some since 1968- and to see their passion and commitment to their community. As well as the new residents getting involved. Many professional; Architects, Lawyers etc..

The commitment of the board, and their ability to get things done was refreshing. Many of you may know the VP Scott Smith, from his involvement’s throughout the community and within our Neighborhood Planning Unit T. The Berry’s (Patrick and Steffi of Westview Bungalow blog) have also taken on many new initiatives. However, there is still room for additional volunteers.

Some highlights:

A donation will be made to the women’s shelter located on Westview for Thanksgiving.

The Christmas Dinner will be at Fire Station #17 on December 8th at 2:30PM
Westview is getting Street toppers! While the community is in the discussion stage of how they will fund this, I think residents and non residents would be welcomed to begin with donations towards this. Many of the residents have served and lived within the community long enough to have paid their dues- they deserve this small recognition. So I ask those of us that can to support this. Right now we’re looking at prices of each topper being $35-40. The more we buy the cheaper they will be. Patrick and Steffi are heading this – see them for additional details.

Vacant Homes. The Westview, like the Historic West End, has also faced many challenges with vacant homes. We are looking to fill these beautiful, affordable in-town homes quickly! I will be working very hard to help with this process and ask your help. I would be happy to work with any buyer interested in these communities.

Again, it was a very informative meeting, which I’ll attend monthly and hope to meet new residents and non residents with an interest in the Westview community. Come out- show your support and be apart of the wonderful changes!!!

[where: 30310]

Announcement from 1st V.P. Chair of WEND

Hi Neighbors,

Please come to Tuesday’s WEND meeting at 7pm at the West End Library 525 Peeples St.  Ceremonial Certificates of Appreciation will be presented to all who worked in the Beltline Clean up project. It should be a great meeting in its own right (announcing a new sit down restaurant on RDA), and besides,  it would cost a $1.00 each in postage to mail the flat laying certificates!!  Future Beltline events will be noted too. 

Meet the many new West End residents who indicate they are coming too.

The WEND Christmas Party on Dec. 15,  6-10pm is being hosted this year by Carl & Liz Nes at 517 Peeples St. Our traditional Neighborhood Christmas Party is a potluck affair since it is a party from all of us to all of us.  Carl & Liz are asking your help in Pot Luck planning. Reach us at 404-755-7832 

The party is Titled “WEND & Friends” and is a celebration of our neighbors and friends of the neighborhood. We want to invite some of the many non West Enders who have been a great help to us throughout the year. Your suggestions for special invitees is appreciated.

Please volunteer for decorating or in other ways including phone calling, hosting and event supervising evening of the Party. Decorator volunteers will prepare the inside and outside of the house beginning on Dec 1 from 1-5pm

Hor D’oeuvres Style Food Provision Requests will be grouped as follows. As we get closer Carl will ask for dish selections and commitments. For now, just be thinking about the date and dish you would like to bring.

Meat Dishes

Veggie Dishes

Cheese Trays

Soft Drinks


Wine & Liquor

Cash Contributions

Some ideas included below, but your favorites are always best. 

Assorted Quiche
Assorted Turnovers
Mushroom Parcels
Swedish Meatballs or BBQ Meatballs
Pizza Fingers
Spring Rolls
Bacon Wrapped Pineapple
Cheese Balls
Beef Shish KebabsVegetables & Dip
Mini Puff Pastry Shells filled with:
Egg Salad
Tuna Salad
Cream Cheese & Shrimp
Cream Cheese & Ham
Cream Cheese & Smoked Salmon

Cheese & Fruit Tray

Sausage Rolls
Assorted Quiche
Assorted Turnovers
Mushroom Parcels
Swedish Meatballs or BBQ Meatballs
Pizza Fingers
Spring Rolls
Bacon Wrapped Pineapple
Cheese Balls
Beef Shish Kebabs

Vegetables & Dip
Mini Puff Pastry Shells filled with:
Egg Salad
Tuna Salad
Cream Cheese & Shrimp
Cream Cheese & Ham
Cream Cheese & Smoked Salmon


Carl Nes

Historic West End

517 Peeples St., SW

Atlanta, GA  30310


770-356-8515 cell

 Sausage Rolls

Neighborhood Watch

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending “Block Captain’s Training” /Neighborhood Watch Training at City Hall East.

The facilitator is Director Juanita Mention-Smith. The training is a joint effort between Councilwoman Cleta Winslow and the Community Service Unit of the Atlanta Police Department. While I will not bore you with the many raw details and discussions various community neighbors and leaders had- it was very clear that many of our city neighborhoods are in need of healing. I think this is known and the efforts of the Police Department and Councilwoman to bring us together and provide a foundation for us to begin is commendable.

Firstly, it was good to see the many ethnicities and a wide age group of people who showed up on a Saturday morning with the agenda of “taking back” their neighborhood and putting a stop to violent crimes and the drugs. Some of the name tags I saw were of people from; Summer hill, Mechanicsville, East Atlanta, Vine City, Mosley Park, and of course Historic West End represented- some known residents Vonda Henry and John Pavlin…

Secondly, the session was VERY informative.

And lastly, the session was conducted very well. We were provided with a light breakfast, and a nice lunch. The director made sure we stayed on time, while answering AS MANY questions asked…AND listening to MANY complainants about the APD, posing as a question. I applauded her patience; while I tried to refrain myself from screaming “We are not hear to listen to what your association is not doing….” As I said, it was a very interesting class. While I do understand, that all neighborhoods have somethings that all will not agree on…the session made me appreciate MY neighborhood and the association even more. I can’t speak for everyone here, but the way I see it, we pretty much are all striving for the same thing in one form or another. Safety, historical & architectural preservation, property value appreciation, community involvement, and caring neighbors.

The below information is partially taken from our Neighborhood Watch handbook and is provided to be informative for those interested in learning a little more about Neighborhood Watch.

What a Neighborhood Watch is…….

Just when I thought it was an opportunity for me to walk up and down the street bossing people around 🙂 We were given the correct meaning of what a neighborhood watch really is:

1)“A Program of mutual assistance among neighbors aimed at reducing crime in our communities at the grass roots level. A neighborhood is where people are alert to the potential of crime and are willing to lookout for one another’s interests in a neigborhood where crimes are least likely to occur.”

2)” An invitation to you to be a good neighbor. Good neighbors working together through Neighborhood Watch can prevent crimes in their area the most effective way-before it starts!”

3)“A Crime Prevention Program which enlists the active participation of citizens in cooperation with law enforcement to reduce crime in their communities.”

4)“Citizens being trained to recognize and report suspicious and criminal activties in their neighborhoods such as burglary, larceny, vandalism and littering.”

First thing first- Get to know your neighbors!!!!! And as our facilitator said, don’t mind being considered that nosy neighbor- you will be thanked later!


Do not leave your porch light on during the day- invest in a timer to automatically turn it on. While you’re at work this is a sign that there is no one home-and probably no one coming home until after dark.

BeltLine Photo’s

Photo’s taken by:Roxana Price Tenacious Twelve (T12) “Amicus hamani generis” Hands on Atlanta


BridgeYou would think we were in the rain forest lol..I really like this picture- see the person within? You can not get a small idea of how grand this site is.. and this is just ONE site zoned for clean up…

Trash Removal Crew this and more was causally thrown to rot and contaminate our earth…

Trash Removal Crew 2 I was really in shock! I could not believe the things we pulled out of the dirt. See the metal fan?

Fearless Helpers!

Look at our fearless crew!! And this was a steep hill of construction debris. Most of it was either wood, rotten sheet rock, tiles, and some wood planks with rusty nails !That did not deter these volunteers- they climbed up, and loosened some of the harder pieces for us below to grab and bag.

One of the key moments which stick out most in mind is that all of us thought we were volunteering for vine cutting and removal- NOT trash removal. When it  said “We are the Trash Removal Crew” by our coordinator Ayana (sp?) for a moment everyone was said “what?” then one person said- “Well, let’s get to cleaning..” and another pulled a pail out of the wheel barrel and started picking up trash… it was ON…. It was wonderful to have shared the same space, and worked with these people, even for a little while. THAT was very encouraging, in the midst of all that is going on in the world we were united.

I have a few more, some of the reception as well. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend that- I had to run to a home buyers seminar I spoke at in Washington Park.