NPU-T Weekly Update 1/20/08

Hello neighbors and friends,
Please see the following announcements about this week’s upcoming NPU-T meetings and other government information. To view the full NPU-T calendar and other posted documents, visit
  1. NPU-T Beltline Southest & Southwest Study Group “Cram Session” – 7:00PM Wednesday January 23rd at the Kroger CitiCenter (590 Cascade Road SW Atlanta, GA 30318) in the community room by the milk coolers. This will be a preview meeting to help NPU-T neighbors be better prepared to participate in the actual Southeast & Southwest Study Group meeting being held on January 29th (see Study Group Calendar). Sponsored by the NPU-T PRCA Beltline Sub-Committee, Chair Danielle Carney. FLYER ATTACHED.
  2. Beltline West End Trail – The first phase of the construction on the West EndJanuary 22nd and will last approximately 6-8 months. Construction of the trail will include the first mile of an arboretum along the Beltline and a significant upgrade fo Gordon White Park. There will be information on the Trail at the Beltline’s website at Trail will commence the week of
  3. Peachtree Streetcar Public Forum – 6:00PM Tuesday January 22nd First Presbyterian Church, 1328 Peachtree Street. The Peachtree Corridor Partnership is hosting public forums to discuss the Peachtree Streetcar. Please plan to attend to discuss the importance of non-displacement policies and other community benefits for this major redevelopment project. If you plan to attend, contact Melissa at or 404-581-0061 for talking points and more information.
  4. NPU-T Economic Development/Consumer Affairs Committee (ED/CA) Meeting 6:00PM Friday January 25Th at the Hammonds House Museum (503 Peeples Street, 30310). “The NPU-T ED/CA Committee will investigate strategies and methods to improve the economics of the neighborhood. Special focus is placed on the Community Re-investment Act and the profile of the banks in the neighborhood. The committee will also monitor service delivery patterns, especially focusing on grocery stores and other neighborhood stores in terms of quality of goods, cleanliness, courtesy and price comparisons” (NPU-T bylaws). Special projects for 2008 include marketing NPU-T to visitors with a “Pan African Village Trail” and partnering with the PRCA Committee on development of the NPU-T Community Food Project. For more information, contact Robert Thompson, ED/CA Committee Chair at (678) 209-8443 or

If you are not currently in this email group and would like to continue receiving information related to NPU-T business and activities, as well as public notices forwarded from various government agencies, please notify the administrator at or join the group directly at Please forward this notice to you neighbors and friends.

NPU-T =Neighborhood Planning Unit-T Meeting

Please join us!  Every 2nd Wednesday at 7:30PM

Be Informed
Hear reports from Zone Police, Fire Chief, Community Prosecutor, City Planner, The Beltline Partnership and others

Express Your Concerns
Vote on zoning, ordinances, and businesses that may impact your community. Meet planners, developers and city officials to ask one on one questions

Shape Your Community
Join a committee. Committees include: Code Enforcement, Public Safety, Crime Task Force, Education, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs

Date & Time: 2nd Wednesdays @7:30PM (Jan 9th, Feb 13th)
Location: 952 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd,SW Atlanta, 30310   within the Founders Hall of the Shrine of the Black Madonna

Did we sleep on Washington Park???

I know I did! I have taken a tour through the community a few weeks ago and was very impressed by what I saw. The leadership within the association, and residents are a force making positive changes and a noticeable impact.

NPU-T held their executive committee meeting yesterday. The meeting was hosted by Booker T. Washington Community Association and the venue selected was the Washington Park Natatorium (102 Ollie Street NW Atlanta, GA 30314)
I must say, almost embarrassingly, I have never been to their Natatorium. The Natatorium was created 4year ago, and it’s AMAZING! They hold night swimming lessons in two gigantic heated lap pools. The facility is huge-CLEAN and inviting! I’m sorry I didn’t take advantage of the offer to swim before the meeting began- but I’ll be back. I plan to get a family membership! My girls will LOVE year round swimming in such a beautiful facility, with nice art work! Take a look- I know, my pictures are horrible-lol hey, I’m a Realtor, not a Photographer:

Swimming Pool



Also- the homes are certainly worth viewing. Add this city neighborhood to your list. Zip 30314. Here are some homes I saw on my search.

lr1606686-1.jpg 3567229_0.jpg

3568959_0.jpg 3602092_0.jpg

3570463_0.jpg 3573366_0.jpg

3611369_0.jpg lr1449212-1.jpg


I’ve been sick for a few days and have not been able to update how I’d like… however, I plan to add much more information to this site in the New Year.

Much is planned and MANY changes will occur not only within the West End, Westview communities but throughout the entire NPU-T.  Being involved in many of the committees,and within their planning-  I can assure you, we plan to hit the ground running in 2008 and HARD.  I personally will be calling on many of you- residents- to be apart of the plans, activities and committees.  The work is hard, but the rewards will be sweeter as we all work towards building a better community.

Our NPU-T slogan and theme this year is: “Dedicated to building on our strengths in clean, safe neighborhoods.” 

The next NPU-T meeting will be next Wednesday at 7:30PM, I will post an invitation and additional info a few days before..

In the mean time, I wish you all an unforgettable, prosperous New Year!!

NPU-T Meeting and Holiday Party

On behalf of our President, Kwabena “Cubby” Nkromo, I’d like to invite you to attend our last NPU-T meeting of the 2007 year.
Please come out, bring a neighbor and represent your community at this event.

There will be a “pot luck” celebration to wrap up our meeting and year,- feel free to bring a dish of your choice.
Let’s unite, reflect and enjoy as we prepare to roll up our sleeves and make positive changes within our communities in the New Year.

Date: Dec 12th
Time: 7:30PM
Location: Founders Hall- Shrine of the Black Madonna on Ralph David Abernathy Blvd

Community Associations and Organizations within NPU-T

The West End Coalition Group, Inc.

Booker T. Washington Community Association

Ashview Community Development Association, Inc.

Westview Community Organization, Inc.

West End Neighborhood Development Association (WEND)

Just Us Neighbors

It’s Our Neighborhood

The West End Merchants Coalition, Inc.

~Nia Knowles
NPU-T Public Relations Officer