InTown Atlanta Editor

It was brought to my attention, at our W.E.N.D meeting yesterday that a managing editor (Collin Kelley) for INtown Atlanta newspaper labeled our side of intown as “GRIM”.  I was disappointed to hear this, and  had to read it for myself before getting upset. On page 21 he outlines the BeltLine Map with comments on what was observed on a 3hr tour. He starts with  “Probably the most grim area of Intown, with acres of abandoned warehouses,homes and kudzu as far as the eye can see”.. ..when discussing our side.  It took me a minute but- I’m not upset.

It’s unfortunate but we are surrounded with people who have NO vision.  I took the 3-hour tour, TWICE. I canvased the neighborhoods (door to door) being affected by the BeltLine to educate our neighbors.   No, we are not the “most grim” area of intown. On my tour and canvas, I did see a few other neighborhoods that are right along side us with vacant warehouses and homes. And let’s face it- KUDUZ is just taking over Atlanta! (So Atlanta- do something about it!)  

What I saw in these neighborhoods were not vacancies or Kuduz. I saw life- I saw what is and what WILL be.  In occupied homes, I saw neighbors showing pride- hanging flags,historical markers, window boxes,bikes and skates on the porch. I saw old neighbors welcoming new neighbors with gifts and community news!   I see all neighborhoods connected, sharing- learning and adding value to each other. NOT comparing, competing, excluding and dividing.

I see a NEW Atlanta. When will our writers catch this vision and help promote the New Inclusive ATL?

OK, now that I’m really running late for class- I’ll get off my soapbox.