West End Association Meeting- Tonight!

WEND Meeting tonight at the 525 Peeples Street Library at 7PM!

Message from the President:

The meeting topics will be quick and short but nonetheless important. (I believe adjournment will have to be early in order to get the projected early election results! Any guesses who gets it???)
Vonda will give us an update on the Kingdom First Ministriesand their court victory allowing a social services ministry (drug & prison rehab among anything else it can suck federal money for) across from SkyLofts. This is just about the worst thing that could happen to SkyLofts and to West End. We will name the owner of the property and discuss strategies for fighting the court decision. We need a pro bono lawyer to step up and lead the fight.
On a lighter note, remember we had a pretty good Holiday Partylast year?…. Front page of the AJC, remember?.    We are going over the top this year with Sara & Virgil Raybun hosting the event on December 6 in their fabulous house. On this coming Thursday we will have an organizational meeting to help plan and put on the event for this year.
So sign up Tuesday to get involved with the crem de’la crem of WEST END Parties.  Our first meeting (with appetizers is Thursday night. Details Tuesday or email.
Also be thinking of your Hors’d’ouerves since this event is as always Pot Luck . For those who prefer to bring liquor or make a $contribution, that works too if we know in advance. We have lots of time, but remember good parties take good planning.  We have so many new neighbors in West End and this will be our chance to party down with old and new friends. And its early enough t come before all the other Holiday festivities.
Here are few things we need:
Would someone please help designing the Party Invitations. We did it by email last year and it worked out.
Could someone plan a babysitting site so that parents can be relieved of that chore, since it is an adult event.
We already have two hostesses to work the event, we may be looking for a third.
Would someone like to organize a caroling group to meet up and walk to the party.

Carl Nes

President, WEND., Inc
West End Neighborhood Development

Historic West End

NACA: Save The Dream

Bruce Marks
Boston, MA
(888.) 297-5568OFFICES:

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Dear NACA Member,WE NEED YOUR PARTICIPATION!We are having a historic event in Washington D.C. called “Save the Dream” to counsel and provide affordable solutions for thousands of homeowners with an unafforable mortgage payment. This will take place from Saturday July 19th through Wednesday July 23rd at the Capital Hilton Hotel (Its Free). We are closing all of our local offices from July 18th through July 23rd for all staff and volunteers to participate.

While we have successfully restructured mortgages to reduce interest rates to 5% and less for thousands of homeowners with major lenders, we need to advocate against others to achieve similar solutions. This will include the homeowners meeting with their Congressmen, Senators and regulators to get them to advocate for the homeowners. We will hold these lenders accountable and push them to accept the NACA affordable solution for at-risk homeowners.

YOUR PARTICIPATION IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. We need the particpation of all NACA Members throughout the country even if you live far from Washington D.C. Here is how you can help:

For materials and to participate please contact NACA 1-888-302-NACA (6222) select option 1 or email at homesave@naca.com. Please encourage as many people as possbile to particpate in this Save The Dream Event. While attending will be the best opportunity to achieve a longterm affordable mortgage solution, at-risk homeowners can call in during the event to begin the process: call 1-888-302-6222. Over the five days NACA will assist thousands of homeowners. Participants should make an appointment on our website at www.naca.com or by clicking here (walk-ins are welcome but may need to wait). We expect to get solutions the same day for many participants.

Your active participation allows us to provide all of our services for free and to achieve incredible results. We look forward to your active participation.


Bruce Marks

P.S. If you have concerns about our services, please contact our call center and speak to a counselor at 1-888-302-6222 from 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. eastern time.