What a difference a day makes…

or even an hour.  Just yesterday I had the privilege of working the West End booth at the Atlanta Home Show within the World Congress Center.  Today the show was canceled due to the tornado and it’s damage… (which I slept soundly through).   God does have a way to make us recognize that he is still in control- contrary to what many would like to believe.

The show was very nice- it was amazing how many people THOUGHT they knew the West End, but really had no clue. It was funny watching them try to pin-point this location (which to me is such a simple location- we have so many “buzz” word places such as- Wrens Nest, Hammonds House, or even Ralph David Abernathy Blvd)…I even throw in- “AFTER the AU Center I-20 West, towards Cascade” a few times lol…  but oh- they do remember “Ashby Street” … why did they change the name again? I will always call Joseph Lowery- Ashby- it just fit.. 

I guess with all new beginnings, renaming will help change what “Ashby” was once identified with…. in my mind, when I lived in Atlanta in 92/93 and went to church on Ashby- I picture prostitution… LOL… I know, I know- there is so much more to that location then prostitution however, that is what I associate it with.  No wonder the name needed to change.

Even with the location confusion- we received tons of  “ooh’s and ahhs” at the beautiful  pictures Carl provided of our homes, and we were able to invite many to our home tour in May (May 2,3,4).

I can’t say it enough, but Carl did a wonderful job of making our booth welcoming, professional and informative. It really was a great show. … of course I was suckered into signing up for many sweepstakes, and should just brace myself for all the telemarketing calls 😦  but who knows-maybe I’ll win an RV …or that $75K jackpot…. then I could buy that home on White Street for myself. LOL

Wanna hear something funny?- One of my buyers actually visited that home as a guest years ago- …I hope that is a sign of him buying it now. Keep your fingers crossed!

Hey, did you see the Westview book? Another amazing job by Patrick and Steffi of NuSpace Media. The book features the residents, the homes and some of the different architectural features-the inside of Tonyel’s home is so unexpected- you would think you were looking into a midtown loft.  Love the family picture of Michelle, Yaya and the little princess 🙂 (Michelle you better not pamper her too much, you’ll regret it later! lol).  I think I saw Scott surrounded by a crowd at one time- he whipped out a few  home listings..lol… Westview is certainly on the move.

I just love my neighbors, their creativity and how they freely give their time and talent for the development of our communities. Kudos to you all. You guys rock!

I’ll add a few pictures later.

Atlanta Home Show March 13-16th

Visit the West End and Westview booth at the Atlanta Home Show to see listing of available homes, and meet some of the residents to have all your questions answered about our neighborhood!

Come see why so many are relocating not only to Atlanta- but to the west end of Atlanta 🙂

We have it all: Shops, Marta, Museums, Colleges, Art Galleries and best of all- good neighbors.