Do you know any Middle Schoolers (rising 6- rising 8)?

Your child should be in this cool FREE program!!
Project LEAFF
May 31-June 30, from 8:30-12:30 daily
Again, the program is free and provides breakfast/lunch and transportation from your child’s ‘zoned middle school’ (i.e. in West End that would be Brown Middle School.)
Curriculum is more enriched, focus being on ELA, Math, Robotics, and Culinary Arts.
The ELA and math are embedded in the cooking and robotics classes.
The program is located in Kennedy Middle School.
Contact Shari McEachern at 404-502-2229 for more details.

I think we lost a family…

in the West End.  

I decided to walk to the WEND meeting tonight and had to past their home. Normally, on a nice day like today I would see three-four beautiful brown toned little girls with sandy brown locks on the porch; they would wave, smile and say almost in unison “hi…where are your daughters? “

I remember our first meeting, one Monday mid morning and I was taking my girls to the Library. One of the girls screamed out “Are they (my girls) going to school?… “ To which I replied, “I home school”   Thinking they would not have a clue what that was. But what looked to be the eldest said,    “We homeschool too and we’re off on Monday’s”    I remember feeling a connection on that alone and had asked to speak with their mother.  We planned to get together very soon and do some joint work with the girls. (I mean, really- it’s surprising when you just bump into another homeschooling mom, especially one so close. I almost always have to join groups or search APS for associations that meet way out in Stockbridge or somewhere else I don’t want to drive to )

Anyway, today the house was empty and cold. The absence of life is actually what made me stop and exam the home.  No longer were the porch chairs out, or curtains in the windows- only newspaper taped to the windows, hiding the emptiness behind the door with a missing handle.  I jotted down the address making a mental note to search tax records praying I was wrong…. after all, they could be vacation..  the mother also home schools and would not be bound to being around until school is out at the end of May.

Well, what I thought is true. There is a sheriff notice on the tax records. *sigh*

My lesson- do not put off for tomorrow what you can (and should) do today. I missed an opportunity.  My girls did want to get to know them too..maybe our paths will cross again.


Mortgage Crisis Has Big Impact on Kids

More than 2 million children will be directly impacted by the subprime mortgage crisis, as their families lose their homes to foreclosure, according to a new report from First Focus, a bipartisan children’s advocacy organization based in Washington, D.C.

“When families lose their homes, kids often lose their schools and access to services. Such changes not only impact their education but their physical and mental health as well,” says Bruce Lesley, president of the organization.

The report points out that parents who face foreclosure are less likely to have money available for health care or insurance, and speculates that children who are displaced will be less proficient in reading and more likely to drop out of school.

First Focus is calling for the government to make keeping children in their homes a priority in federal policy and budget decisions.

Source: First Focus (05/02/2008   .)

I JUST  had a discussion about this with a friend today…. The thought of how children were being affected throughtout  this mess had me up all night…Past experience, had me up all night.  I moved A LOT when I was younger, and never had the feeling of “home” and security .   I still find it hard to really allow myself to believe that “I WILL BE HERE FOR A WHILE” .   However, for my children, I am determined to provide them with some stability to allow them to grow freely without the worries of adapting to a new surrounding or  new people every other year …                                                                                                                                      I am always humbled and amazed when I look at life’s bigger picture, and I’m reminded that the decisions we make impact so many people…. generations we never consider. 

My prayers go up for those that are caught in this, especially for the children.