Westview Association Meeting

There was a great turnout at the WCO meeting last night. Lots of new community members showed up for the first time.

For those of you that didn鈥檛 make it out the agenda can be found here:

http://www.westview atlanta.com/ images/stories/ agenda/2008- 11-03-agenda. pdf



Atlanta Home Show March 13-16th

Visit the West End and Westview聽booth at the Atlanta Home Show to see listing of available homes, and meet some of the residents to have all your questions answered about our neighborhood!

Come see why so many are relocating not only to Atlanta- but to the west end of Atlanta 馃檪

We have it all: Shops, Marta, Museums, Colleges, Art Galleries and best of all- good neighbors.

NPU-T Weekly Update 2/10/08

Hello neighbors and friends,

I am聽pleased to report聽that the first annual NPU-T Executive聽Committee Leadership Retreat held this weekend was a remarkable success. Many thanks to all the NPU-T officers, committee chairs, and neighborhood association presidents who sacrificed a considerable amount of time to focus on improving our capacity as a leadership team.聽Our appreciation also goes out to the following supporters who helped make the retreat possible (presenters list聽& agenda contact me for copy):

  • Georgia Stand Up
  • Morehouse College, Community Revitalization Initiative
  • Councilwoman Mary Norwood, Post 2 At-Large, Atlanta City Council
  • Capitol City Bank
  • West End Merchants Coalition
  • Subway (1175 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd)聽

Please see the following announcements about this week’s聽NPU-T meetings and other government information. To view the full NPU-T calendar and other posted documents, visit http://www.google.com/calendar/render?tab=mc.

  1. NPU-T Monthly General Meeting聽–聽 7:30PM Wednesday February 13th at Founders Hall (Shrine of the Black Madonna) 952 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd, SW Atlanta, GA 30310. AGENDA AND JANUARY MINUTES CONTACT FOR COPY
  2. Urban Design Commission 4:00PM聽Wednesday聽February 13th at Atlanta City Hall, (City Council Chambers)聽55 Trinity Ave., S.W. The Urban Design Commission holds public hearings for Council nominations for designation of buildings, sites and districts. The Commission also regulates the City’s historic preservation regulations and decisions regarding applications for certifications of appropriateness. NPU-T neighborhoods have several items on this agenda. For more information, contact Karen Huebner at 404.330.6200 or visit the UDC here. AGENDA CONTACT FOR COPY
  3. ARC Transportation Spotlight Newsletter –聽Transportation聽is central to metro Atlanta’s growth and success. As the federally-designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the 18 county Atlanta Region, the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) develops regional plans and policies to enhance mobility, reduce congestion and meet air quality standards. See the February issue of the ARC Transportation Spotlight newsletter here.聽聽
  4. GDOT Local Projects聽聽– The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT)聽announces road closures and detours related to the construction projects in the Downtown Connector corridor that includes resurfacing I-75/85 in summer 2008 and replacement of the 14th Street Bridge. See more information,聽see the following link: 14th Street Bridge Improvement Project

If you are not currently in this email聽group and would like to continue receiving information related to NPU-T business and activities, as well as public notices forwarded from various government agencies, please notify聽the administrator聽at kwabena.nkromo@gmail.com or join the group directly at http://groups.google.com/group/nput_members. Please forward this notice to your neighbors and friends.

Kwabena “Cubby” Nkromo, NPU-T Chair
“Dedicated to building on our strengths in clean, safe neighborhoods.”

Mobile: 404.587.2227
Home: 404.753.4311
P.O. Box 11176
Atlanta, Ga. 30310

Ok, I’m sorry…

I have not provided you with many neighborhood updates. I know, I’m a bit disappointed too- you can stop emailing me 馃檪 I’ll get back on the ball. Time has not been on my side.

So.. what’s new?

Crime Task Force

Well on January 20th we had a Neighborhood Watch or Crime Task force meeting at the Grounds Coffee Shop to discuss citizen patrol. John Pavlin, the 2nd VP of WEND (West End Neighborhood Development) was the host. Many great ideas were put on the table by residents. Some of which includes:

Hiring off duty police (more on this from a neighbor in a future post),

Burglar proofing our homes/cars

Court watch- we need presentation at the hearings so criminal will not get off

Citizen Patrol(driving, walking and reporting suspicious activity)

Having a phone tree of all those next to you (do you know your neighbors?)

Joining the citizen patrol- which is simple鈥 just do your part! Look out and report crime.

Working with our Youths and Schools!! This will help reduces some of the vandalism and petty crime

What we are doing: Being active. Making our presence known throughout the entire West End. Not hiding in our homes. Document and reporting. Walking , driving, watching. Changing our community OURSELVES. NOT living in FEAR. (don鈥檛 let me start preaching!)
If you鈥檇 like more information I can provide you with a copy of a phone tree log, and some hand outs.


Vonda Henry had a lovely “game” party on Saturday!! I’m disappointed I didn’t take pictures so you could see and get a feel of how loving our community is. It was wonderful seeing old and new neighbors come together, share restoration experiences, food and laugh. Not to mention that Vonda’s house left my jaws hanging!!! I will get some pictures- the restoration she’s doing on this home is unbelievable. Just a teaser : built-in’s, claw foot tubs, columns, crown moulding, four fireplaces, hardwoods, wide hall, glass knobs, natural wood mouldings (not the over painted crap I’m living with- she scraped off her paint) ..and the list could go on and on. You will have to see the before and after pictures to really GET how much work and love she is putting in! I’m sure you too will admire her vision.


We had a BeltLine Cram Session on the 23rd . Our Parks Recreation and Cultural Affairs committee are on it!

Danielle Carney was the host for this informative event. I will keep you informed of upcoming events since we will have these sessions often, BEFORE we have the big sessions with the BeltLine at their Study Group meetings. This is just to help US- be on one accord with our vision so when we meet with the Org, and at these study groups we can be clear about our vision and what we want. The study group sessions will not only consist of West End/Westview or West side residents- so we need to represent in numbers and with our list.

Roland K. Young provided us with an overview of how the steering committee and study groups are formed. We also had some insight on the time line. We have not had a meeting yet here for the West End- so we鈥檙e getting the jump a little early. You can obtain information at the www.beltline.org/beltlinebasics and look up 鈥渟tudy groups鈥

Key dates: 1/29 Southwest Study Group (Atlanta Metro College) 6:30PM (area 2 Avon, University, Dill- Not Historic West End/Westview鈥e鈥檙e in area 1 which will start in March/April )

2/7 8PM quarterly briefing

Beltline Tours: 404-446-4400

BeltLine Partnership

As of last week, there trail had begun on White Street鈥id you see it? I鈥檒l have to get there to get some pictures of the developments. This is just ONE drop in the huge bucket- let鈥檚 not lose momentum and the desire to be involved.

For the month of February I, and others within the West End community (Leeza) will be participating in a door to door canvas for the SouthEast and West crest of Atlanta. We will be in the West End on the last Saturday鈥檚 of the month. We are knocking on every OTHER door (or so) to informed residents about the BeltLine, answer questions and leave information. We will have a badge and BeltLine tee shirts so you can recognize us. Please be open to receiving the information. Many of the volunteers are teens and will need your patience and support. This is a wonderful thing they have volunteered to do on their Saturday!


The Hammond’s House has a new exhibition! Experience the Magnitude! Paintings of Sedrick Huckaby. You’ll love it and will want to run out and paint. 503 Peeples Street. http://www.hammondshouse.org


Parks Recreation and Cultural Affairs meeting will be held Jan 31st interested in joining contact Evelyn Washington, Chair at ewcwashington@yahoo.com

It鈥檚 Our Neighborhood Association will meet tonight at 7PM, a new President is being elected- located at Fired Station #17

Notes/Comments/ Misc.

I am acting as the contact for the Recreation Subcommittee under PRCA that will develop and support multi generational and senor activities with NPU-T. I need your suggestions!

Our West End Newsletter will have a new print coming out soon! Be on the look out in your stores, West End Print Shop and at the Grounds Coffee shop

NPU-T will be at it again in Feb鈥 more on this later..

Also our Website will be up soon.

For Tax Relief check out www.fultonassessor.org and search 鈥淭ax Relief鈥 many exemptions listed. HELP OUR SENIORS!!! Make sure they are aware of this relief. We need them in our community and lives-

I am planning to put together some Information session for ALL within our community. I need Tax advisor’s and specialists. Do you know anyone working for the IRS??? HELP!!

I鈥檓 sure I forgot something. But will edit and update later.

Be blessed,


Our West End Newsletter

If you haven’t already picked up a copy- you can stop by most of the businesses on RDA (Ralph David Abernathy) and get a copy of our Newsletter.聽 The West End Print Shop and Grounds Coffeehouse (at the Skylofts) also had copies of the Dec/January issue. It’s FREE, so read it and meet your neighbors.

I’m amazed by our Newsletter team. They seem to be everywhere and at every function, getting the scoop – positive scoop- on our neighborhood. You guys rock!

This issue includes information on HomeFree- USA. You’ll meet the Mackey’s and see how HomeFree further prepared them for home ownership.聽 The Mackey’s are great neighbors. Their story -and home, is just one of the reasons more are choosing this side of the city to buy in.聽 Huge bungalows- some renovated- surrounded by good neighbors.

“Growing Up In West End”, great article.聽 Someone should write a book.聽 Have you spoken with any of our “Urban Pioneers”?聽 Me, being an “old soul”, love to sit and listen to our pioneers.聽 The wealth of information they can provide about our community- our world- is irreplaceable.聽 Maybe we can have a Urban Pioneer Day – I’ll check with our Parks,Recreation and Cultural Affairs committee to see.聽 I’m starting to realize for me, living in the West End is more than just being here- it’s a lifestyle, and the more I learn, the more I connect with it’s past I am proud and ready to volunteer for anything that will shape it’s future. I want my children to feel the same way- proud of where they are growing up and have a voice in it’s direction.

Do you know about Sankofa Mobile Museum? Read page 8 in our Newsletter and see see: www.omenala.org for more details.

There is just so much to see and do on this side of the city- soon I’ll be able to say “Atlantic what?”聽 LOL