West End Neighborhood

Meeting tonight at the West End Library on Peeples street. 7PM! Nomination of officers for the year!!


The yard sale committee (John Pavlin and Percy Jackson) has selected the weekend of September 20, 2008 for the Community Yard Sale.


Participating residences in the West End, can offer antiques, linens, jewelry, furniture, dolls, clothing, books, records, household items of all types and any other items, to the curious shopper.


Ø      Plans are underway to advertise this event in local media and on the Internet via Craigslist. 


Ø      A map of the neighborhood streets will accompany the advertisement copy;


Ø      Participating addresses by street will be indicated;


Ø      Interested households will display their offerings at their home;


Ø      Shoppers are invited to browse the neighborhood, stopping at each residence to look, shop and buy.


The tentative dates and times are as follows:


Saturday, September 20, 2008

8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.




Sunday, September 21, 2008

12 Noon – 5:00 P.M.


All plans are tentative and your input is needed as plans will be discussed at the next W.E.N.D. Homeowner’s meeting.


Please direct any inquiries or suggestion to Percy Jackson  (Jackson_percy@hotmail.com)

Police Arrest Couple in CraigsList Rental Scam

A Las Vegas man claiming to be a licensed real estate practitioner and a female assistant have been arrested and jailed for renting out vacant homes belonging to seasonal residents.

Emilio Gonzales and Melissa Cowan advertised properties for rent on CraigsList. They asked potential renters to sign leases and took security deposits totalling several thousand dollars. Rents were collected in cash at various locations the pair specified.

The scam fell apart when the real owners showed up and found people living in their vacation homes. Police arrested Gonzales and Cowan by following a tenant to the agreed upon spot to pay rent. The two are being held on burglary, conspiracy and fraud charges.

Source: KVBC-TV