Safety Tips from the Westview Community

1. Get a Dog. These motion activated barking devices are probably the single biggest deterrent to burglaries in our community. Advertise the presence of your dog. Leave a dog bowl and bone on the porch.

2. Get a Burglar Alarm. Purchase a burglar alarm system with some sort of siren or noise-making device. Once a siren goes off, most criminals depart immediately. Having the alarm connected to a monitoring service is a good idea, but it is far more important to just have a system which makes noise. Also consider purchasing a battery back up so that your alarm will function in the event of a loss of power, such as your power meter being torn off of your house by a burglar. You can purchase a cellular phone back up for your alarm system so that by severing your phone wires, the alarm can still call the police. See the Additional Information Section on Burglar Alarms.

3. Use your Burglar Alarm. Always turn your alarm on when you leave your home, even if it is for one minute. When you are in your house for an extended period of time, anything over 30 minutes, turn your alarm to instant on.

4. Advertise your Burglar Alarm. Use signs and stickers to let folks know that you have a burglar alarm in operation. Put a sign in your front yard and stickers on the windows around your house.

5. Always Lock Your House. Even if you are only going to be out for a minute.

6. Keep your House Well lit.

a. Keep your porch light on. Criminals don’t like light. The brighter your home is, the less likely a criminal is to come calling.

b. Use Motion-Activated Lights. Purchase motion activated lights and place them in front of and on the sides of your home. Make it as challenging as possible to approach your house without tripping the lights.

c. Make Sure That All Required Street Lights Are Installed. The City of Atlanta installs street lights every 500′.

d. Report any non-operating Street Lights. Phone 888-891-0938 (pick option No. 3) or go to the following URL: https://customerser vice.southerncom residential/ outage_st. asp?mnuOpco=gpc&mnuType= res&mnuItem= ma

e. Install Additional Street Lighting. If you really want to light your place up, call Georgia Power and ask them to install a street light in front of your house. It only costs a $10 or $20 a month and can make a huge difference, particularly if you live on the end of a street. The number for this is (770) 322-5713.

7. Never leave anything in your car. Ever. Value has nothing to do with it. If it is raining outside and then your umbrella in the car has value to a criminal.

8. Park your car in your driveway near your house. Cars parked away from the street are less likely to be broken in to.

9. Don’t Advertise Your Possessions. Keep any windows which are visible from the street/sidewalk obscured to the extent that people cannot look inside and see your nice TV or stereo. Don’t throw away anything that would entice a burglar, take it to a dumpster or some other location.

10. Get to Know Your Neighbors. One of the best defense mechanisms is your community. If your neighbors know when you come and go, they can tell if something strange is happening. Ask your neighbors to call 911 if they see anything unusual at your house.

11. Don’t Hide Keys Outside. Never leave keys under doormats, flowerpots, mailboxes or other “secret” hiding places — burglars know where to look for hidden keys. Leave your keys with your neighbors.

12. Secure Items Outside of House. Don’t leave anything lying around your yard or your porch that is easily removed. Keep your shed locked. Keep tools inside your locked shed. If you have a grill or lawn mover in an unlocked area, chain it with a lock to something immovable. Anything you secure outside your house is much safer if it is not visible from the street. Please see the additional information on Padlocks and Chains.

13. Remove Cover. Trim your shrubbery around your home to reduce places where burglars can approach your house without being seen. Utilize the 3-foot/6-foot rule. Trim tree branches up to 6 feet off the ground and trim your shrubs down to 3 feet. This creates a “window effect” into your yard and minimizes hiding places for burglars.

14. Secure the windows in your house. Install some type of additional locking mechanism on all ground-floor windows. See the additional information regarding the type of window locking mechanism you should consider.

15. Secure the Doors in Your House. Get solid core or steel exterior doors with reinforced strike plates, and deadbolt locks. Make sure that they are all properly installed. See the additional information regarding the type of door and lock you should consider.

16. Don’t open your door unless you know the person on the other side. Require identification otherwise. Have a peephole in your door.

17. If you see anything suspicious, call 911. We were all raised to think of 911 as the life or death number, but here in Atlanta, it is the way the police get sent out on all calls. If the police are busy with a higher priority call, they will deal with that first. If there is nothing to worry about, then nothing is lost as the police will just move on.

18. If you have concerns which are not immediate, call Zone Four. Call Zone Four at 404- 756-1903 and ask to speak to the Unit Commander, Major Perdue or email him at You can meet him in person or convey your information to him another way, but let him know your concerns and they will be addressed. If you can’t reach Major Perdue ask for Lt. Cox.

19. Report All Crimes. In the City, police resources are allocated based on need and one of the best indicators of need is reported crimes. Therefore, no theft is too small to report, even if it is a rake or plant from your front yard.

20. Get to Know your Beat Officer. If you want to meet your beat officer, call Zone Four at 404- 756-1903 and ask to speak to the Unit Commander, Major Perdue or email him at

21. When your home is going to be vacant overnight, tell the police via a Directed Patrol Request Form. This way your beat officer will know who, if anyone, should be at your house.

22. Inventory of Possessions. Keep a detailed inventory of your valuable possessions, including a description of the items, date of purchase and original value, and serial numbers, and keep a copy in a safe place away from home — this is a good precaution in case of fires or other disasters. Make a photographic or video record of valuable objects, heirlooms and antiques. Your insurance company can provide assistance in making and keeping your inventory.

According to a study by the California Crime Technological Research Foundation, the most common techniques used by burglars to enter single-family homes are (from most often used to least often used):

32.00% Through unlocked window or door

26.64% Forced entry by impacts

24.02% Prying or jimmying

6.79% Use of pass key or picking the lock

5.10% Entry attempted, but failed

5.45% Other or unknown

According to the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (NBFAA), homes without alarms are three times more likely to be burglarized.

Ok, I’m sorry…

I have not provided you with many neighborhood updates. I know, I’m a bit disappointed too- you can stop emailing me 馃檪 I’ll get back on the ball. Time has not been on my side.

So.. what’s new?

Crime Task Force

Well on January 20th we had a Neighborhood Watch or Crime Task force meeting at the Grounds Coffee Shop to discuss citizen patrol. John Pavlin, the 2nd VP of WEND (West End Neighborhood Development) was the host. Many great ideas were put on the table by residents. Some of which includes:

Hiring off duty police (more on this from a neighbor in a future post),

Burglar proofing our homes/cars

Court watch- we need presentation at the hearings so criminal will not get off

Citizen Patrol(driving, walking and reporting suspicious activity)

Having a phone tree of all those next to you (do you know your neighbors?)

Joining the citizen patrol- which is simple鈥 just do your part! Look out and report crime.

Working with our Youths and Schools!! This will help reduces some of the vandalism and petty crime

What we are doing: Being active. Making our presence known throughout the entire West End. Not hiding in our homes. Document and reporting. Walking , driving, watching. Changing our community OURSELVES. NOT living in FEAR. (don鈥檛 let me start preaching!)
If you鈥檇 like more information I can provide you with a copy of a phone tree log, and some hand outs.


Vonda Henry had a lovely “game” party on Saturday!! I’m disappointed I didn’t take pictures so you could see and get a feel of how loving our community is. It was wonderful seeing old and new neighbors come together, share restoration experiences, food and laugh. Not to mention that Vonda’s house left my jaws hanging!!! I will get some pictures- the restoration she’s doing on this home is unbelievable. Just a teaser : built-in’s, claw foot tubs, columns, crown moulding, four fireplaces, hardwoods, wide hall, glass knobs, natural wood mouldings (not the over painted crap I’m living with- she scraped off her paint) ..and the list could go on and on. You will have to see the before and after pictures to really GET how much work and love she is putting in! I’m sure you too will admire her vision.


We had a BeltLine Cram Session on the 23rd . Our Parks Recreation and Cultural Affairs committee are on it!

Danielle Carney was the host for this informative event. I will keep you informed of upcoming events since we will have these sessions often, BEFORE we have the big sessions with the BeltLine at their Study Group meetings. This is just to help US- be on one accord with our vision so when we meet with the Org, and at these study groups we can be clear about our vision and what we want. The study group sessions will not only consist of West End/Westview or West side residents- so we need to represent in numbers and with our list.

Roland K. Young provided us with an overview of how the steering committee and study groups are formed. We also had some insight on the time line. We have not had a meeting yet here for the West End- so we鈥檙e getting the jump a little early. You can obtain information at the and look up 鈥渟tudy groups鈥

Key dates: 1/29 Southwest Study Group (Atlanta Metro College) 6:30PM (area 2 Avon, University, Dill- Not Historic West End/Westview鈥e鈥檙e in area 1 which will start in March/April )

2/7 8PM quarterly briefing

Beltline Tours: 404-446-4400

BeltLine Partnership

As of last week, there trail had begun on White Street鈥id you see it? I鈥檒l have to get there to get some pictures of the developments. This is just ONE drop in the huge bucket- let鈥檚 not lose momentum and the desire to be involved.

For the month of February I, and others within the West End community (Leeza) will be participating in a door to door canvas for the SouthEast and West crest of Atlanta. We will be in the West End on the last Saturday鈥檚 of the month. We are knocking on every OTHER door (or so) to informed residents about the BeltLine, answer questions and leave information. We will have a badge and BeltLine tee shirts so you can recognize us. Please be open to receiving the information. Many of the volunteers are teens and will need your patience and support. This is a wonderful thing they have volunteered to do on their Saturday!


The Hammond’s House has a new exhibition! Experience the Magnitude! Paintings of Sedrick Huckaby. You’ll love it and will want to run out and paint. 503 Peeples Street.


Parks Recreation and Cultural Affairs meeting will be held Jan 31st interested in joining contact Evelyn Washington, Chair at

It鈥檚 Our Neighborhood Association will meet tonight at 7PM, a new President is being elected- located at Fired Station #17

Notes/Comments/ Misc.

I am acting as the contact for the Recreation Subcommittee under PRCA that will develop and support multi generational and senor activities with NPU-T. I need your suggestions!

Our West End Newsletter will have a new print coming out soon! Be on the look out in your stores, West End Print Shop and at the Grounds Coffee shop

NPU-T will be at it again in Feb鈥 more on this later..

Also our Website will be up soon.

For Tax Relief check out and search 鈥淭ax Relief鈥 many exemptions listed. HELP OUR SENIORS!!! Make sure they are aware of this relief. We need them in our community and lives-

I am planning to put together some Information session for ALL within our community. I need Tax advisor’s and specialists. Do you know anyone working for the IRS??? HELP!!

I鈥檓 sure I forgot something. But will edit and update later.

Be blessed,