Coming Soon!!

New Westview Listing- 1530 South Gordon, Atlanta GA 30310
Spacious historic home being restored to greatness!
If you’d like to learn more about the community of Westview:

Listing Withdrawn???

Last night, I saw this as a deal of all deals @ 28K… Eggleston, 3bed 2.5bath(..needs renovations to be completed) and just noticed it was withdrawn… 😦   Don’t fret, according to the agent it’s still available and the FMLS withdrawal is temporary.  On the other hand, there are no keys on the door to view the inside [DARN YOU KEY STEALING AGENTS!!! DON’T YOU KNOW YOU WILL NEVER PROSPER BY DOING EVIL?]

Anyway, it should be there by tomorrow afternoon (as per the listing agent).  As usual, at this price it will either go to “Best and Highest” or as Jerilyn Lewis say’s “CASH IS KING!”