Atlanta’s West End/ Westview Neighborhoods…home to the unexpected

Do you know your neighbor? Yes, you may know his/her name, whether or not they have kids or pets…but do you REALLY know your neighbor?

It has shocked many newcomers to in town Atlanta living that West End and Westview communities both are homes to some of the most respected known, unknown and behind the scene Artists, Politicians and Professionals. In just a few streets, our 1920 Bungalows are home to City Council Representatives and President, as well as Doctors, Lawyers, Architects, Writers, Artists and Fashion Designers.

Then why was it a surprise to me when I realized Fashion Designer Chloe Harper, of Vitamin C Clothing , is the same Chloe Harper who is my ‘911 neighborhood watch’ txt buddy??!! Apparently, in addition to being extremely talented, Ms Harper is also very humble about her accomplishments. Check out her line and some of the celebs now wearing her line:

If  you’re in the market for a new home, drop me a line- like many of our other home owners, you will be very surprised to find the hidden gems inside these communities!

6 Web Sites That Make Decorating Fun

For many people, one of the most fun parts about buying a home is redecorating it.

Most of these sites are trying to sell products, but they are free to use and could give new home owners some good ideas.

  •– This is a sophisticated and complex site. It opens with a series of brief videos with Robert Verdi, a charming “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”- style guide to the art of interior decoration. The site allows you to choose furniture, art and accessories for 30 generic rooms.

  • – Choose from Color-a-Room or Color-a-Home (exterior).

  •– The Image Builder Design Center is a basic program that will change the color of the flooring, walls, ceiling and trim.

  •– From the National Wood Flooring Association, Design a Room is another basic wall and floor site.

  • – Mohawk DreamVision allows you to choose a room type (kitchen, bedroom, bath) and style (traditional, modern, etc.) then start designing.

  •– The My Room Designer offers a good choice of cabinets, wall colors and of course, countertops.

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch David Bonetti