Redistricting in District 4

In an effort to get back to basics now that my baby is 15mths- last Saturday I had the opportunity to sit in on the Atlanta Planning Advisory Board monthly meeting.  OK- let’s just say in addition to receiving a ton of informative information about the many changes taking place throughout the city- I was able to get a really good laugh.

The board meetings are usually well attended by faithful senior community advocates and leaders throughout Atlanta, with MANY strong views and opinions on the more important topics on the agenda but also they can become very vocal on items that aren’t really an issue…causing a 10minute delay and intense discussion on nothingness!  The great thing- our President is always calm, collected and restores order without sweat.  I guess she is use to it and expects this- since I’ve attended from 2009- it’s been the same way.  Who really can stop a Senior from voicing his/her concern even IF they are completely wrong due to a misunderstanding?

Besides the humor and the inbetween enjoyment of  O.J./ blueberry muffin, what caught my attention was the presentation on the new “Redistricting” plan for Atlanta. I must admit- I have not given this item the much needed attention it deserves because in review of the plan-I’m not happy with losing a great community such as “Historic Adair Park” in my district.  Yes, we have gained others- why Adair was taken is a bit unclear and seems to leave us at a disadvantage.  If I’m now reading this correctly- district 4 will only have 1 designated Historic community – and that would be West End.

My questions with this entire redistricting process are: How do funds being allocated (if any) will play into this?  How will/are future economic developments within our community now look, if we have an abundant of lower income households (below poverty level) and rentals or dilapidated housing stock?  Was another redeveloping community taken from us, and a more blighted neighborhood given?

This is one of those times I really need an honest politician to sit with and discuss these concerns…candidly.  Until one steps up- I will have to hit the books, do the research and rely on God to show me, if anything- what I’m missing- and what I must do to keep our West End, Westview, Beecher Donnelly  and Ashview Heights communities moving forward.

Any advice? I’ll give you an update as I have it….

Great things happening in the West End



Marshalls had there grand opening today,and as you can see the turn out was great! A bit too early for me to shop but I noticed a lot of cute shoes and home decor! I’ll be back to pick up 2 its today-glasses at 7.99(can’t beat that ikea) and some sneakers for my daughter-Nike at $24!
See you there…

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Which Cities Will See Biggest Rebound?

Which cities are likely to be the hottest post-economic downturn destinations for young, brilliant, and highly mobile workers?

The Wall Street Journal surveyed six trend-spotting experts and they chose cities based on economic diversity, lifestyle and their own personal prejudices.

Here’s the top-10 list:

1. Washington, D.C. (tie)
1. Seattle
2. New York
3. Portland, Ore.
4. Austin, Texas
5. San Jose, Calif.
6. Denver
7. Durham, N.C.
8. Dallas
9. Chicago
10. Boston

Source: The Wall Street Journal, Sue Shellenbarger (09/30/2009)

NPU-T Weekly Update 1/20/08

Hello neighbors and friends,
Please see the following announcements about this week’s upcoming NPU-T meetings and other government information. To view the full NPU-T calendar and other posted documents, visit
  1. NPU-T Beltline Southest & Southwest Study Group “Cram Session” – 7:00PM Wednesday January 23rd at the Kroger CitiCenter (590 Cascade Road SW Atlanta, GA 30318) in the community room by the milk coolers. This will be a preview meeting to help NPU-T neighbors be better prepared to participate in the actual Southeast & Southwest Study Group meeting being held on January 29th (see Study Group Calendar). Sponsored by the NPU-T PRCA Beltline Sub-Committee, Chair Danielle Carney. FLYER ATTACHED.
  2. Beltline West End Trail – The first phase of the construction on the West EndJanuary 22nd and will last approximately 6-8 months. Construction of the trail will include the first mile of an arboretum along the Beltline and a significant upgrade fo Gordon White Park. There will be information on the Trail at the Beltline’s website at Trail will commence the week of
  3. Peachtree Streetcar Public Forum – 6:00PM Tuesday January 22nd First Presbyterian Church, 1328 Peachtree Street. The Peachtree Corridor Partnership is hosting public forums to discuss the Peachtree Streetcar. Please plan to attend to discuss the importance of non-displacement policies and other community benefits for this major redevelopment project. If you plan to attend, contact Melissa at or 404-581-0061 for talking points and more information.
  4. NPU-T Economic Development/Consumer Affairs Committee (ED/CA) Meeting 6:00PM Friday January 25Th at the Hammonds House Museum (503 Peeples Street, 30310). “The NPU-T ED/CA Committee will investigate strategies and methods to improve the economics of the neighborhood. Special focus is placed on the Community Re-investment Act and the profile of the banks in the neighborhood. The committee will also monitor service delivery patterns, especially focusing on grocery stores and other neighborhood stores in terms of quality of goods, cleanliness, courtesy and price comparisons” (NPU-T bylaws). Special projects for 2008 include marketing NPU-T to visitors with a “Pan African Village Trail” and partnering with the PRCA Committee on development of the NPU-T Community Food Project. For more information, contact Robert Thompson, ED/CA Committee Chair at (678) 209-8443 or

If you are not currently in this email group and would like to continue receiving information related to NPU-T business and activities, as well as public notices forwarded from various government agencies, please notify the administrator at or join the group directly at Please forward this notice to you neighbors and friends.