Can you see it?

I never noticed this but I will be sure to check the next time I’m in Capitol View Manor. It is said this small community was named for its excellent view of the Georgia State Capitol building.

What I did notice, were all the like-kind brick Bungalows, Cape Cods and Victorians.  There is something about being next to homes similar in style (but not exactly alike) that appeal to me. I find it easier to determine values and desirability.(Maybe it’s also  just my personal hang up- consistency is key.)

As per Wiki:

Capitol View Manor was originally vast farmland owned by a select group of people that included John Shannon and the Deckner Family. During the early 1910s, many people started to settle in the area, and, in 1912, the area known as Capitol View was annexed to the City of Atlanta. This is when many utilities, including sewage and electricity, came to the area. In 1920, Capitol View Manor was established, and more houses started to be built on the eastern side of Stewart Avenue. Five years later, Capitol View Manor was annexed to the City of Atlanta. Most of the homes in this neighborhood were built in the next twenty years. In addition, the Capitol View School was built in 1929.

Most of the homes in Capitol View Manor were built between the early 1920s and the mid 1940s. Capitol View Manor was originally developed by the same developer of the Morningside and Virginia Highland neighborhood (WOW- I KNEW they looked familiar!) . Homes in the neighborhood are some of the most affordable in the entire city for their quality.

……………..So, you mean the $29,000 home on Shannon Dr. was actually a $250,000 Virgina Highland and Morningside home?  Hummm.  I think if more people could actually understand this, and the value of a home- more owner occupants would be borrowing against or cashing in their 401K and  running to buy these gems in Southwest Atlanta.

For more information on the Capitol View Manor community, take a look at their facebook page HERE

Did you know:  There is a 102 year old home on Deckner?  It’s a landmark and the old Deckner Family house.  This is on my “to-do” list for the week, drive by and look for  this home, anyone know the address?