…the storm is over…

After my 15hr drive back from Brooklyn, I’m tempted to sleep the day away…wondering why my room had gotten so bright..

I guess, God has other plans for me.

The sun felt like confirmation to the end of a storm. Not only the storm of yesterday or last week- but an ongoing storm in life.  Then I received a notification from the Word Of Faith app and tuned into their live service. 

1 Samuel 4….as the preacher stated, a bad chapter for those in it, everyone dies. But even in this, there was hope- light at the end of a tunnel (literally) as a baby was born. Although a life line, it was not seized by the bearer, who named the child something like “the glory of God departed” before she died. 

I had to review.  

What am I giving  birth to, and disregarding?  

The journey to Brooklyn was emotional. Yes. I’m sure hard for many to believe as I don’t show many sad emotions (usually my sadness manifest in anger and aggravation) but it was very hard to “walk the last mile” with this lady…

…I refuse to dwell in sadness, as God has given me a reconfirmed focus and desire. 

My three are now finally up & about- annoying each other, and in between Leah (12) made breakfast … Eggs & crescent rolls

I am blessed and favored, with people present and memories. 

Now to get up and see the damage yesterday’s storm caused to my car. A tree greeted us in our driveway- all across our SUV.  God must be making room in my life for a Tesla 

Sharing a few smiles below, can you believe my baby has grown!

Oh I also brought home several packs of my favorite candy!! Can’t seem to find these in Atlanta 


McBee Asian Potluck!

Thanks to the McBee family for hosting our West End weekend event: Asian Potluck! The food was wonderful- you guys ROCK!!

Night out in West End

We had a great time out with W.E.N.D….

Why I serve West End & Westview…

I received this email today:

My name is David Hill. My mothers name is Gwenetta Hill. I was raised in the West End at 986 Oglethorpe Ave, We’ve long since moved from that house back in the late 80s.Im bumping 30 now and can remember Andrew Youngcampaigning for mayor right on that very street back in the days, Ive had quite a few friends who also lived on that street as well who have moved on. If at all possible, can you send a picture of my old home, despite the fact that I always thought the place was haunted?lol(if available of course).I was actually “tripping” over the fact that a lot of those homes have come a long way since then. My friend Albert Duncan lived in that very home that was featured on your home tour review and I was veeery impressed with it. Hard times affected a lot of families back then, so when I see pictures of the homes now, I’m very impressed. I can remember the days when people would actually physically work on their own homes to try and maintain them the best they could despite being financially strapped. Anyways, I’d appreciate the favor. I’m actually overseas right now on a port-of-call in Sydney and for some reason that house popped back into my mind. Respectfully, -David

I was very touched by this message today. It’s not out of the ordinary though- while at the Home Show, many who now live in Virginia Highlands, Inman Park,Grant Park etc.. would come up to our booth with a sense of longing remembering a time when the West End was shining. I listened to a number of stories from Seniors, of when they visited the Wrens Nest as a child.  

We’re not far from regaining our status.

Thank you residents of West End. Thank you for holding on, working HARDER, and continuing the fight.  We are remembered, we are cherished, we are cheered for….


I think we lost a family…

in the West End.  

I decided to walk to the WEND meeting tonight and had to past their home. Normally, on a nice day like today I would see three-four beautiful brown toned little girls with sandy brown locks on the porch; they would wave, smile and say almost in unison “hi…where are your daughters? “

I remember our first meeting, one Monday mid morning and I was taking my girls to the Library. One of the girls screamed out “Are they (my girls) going to school?… “ To which I replied, “I home school”   Thinking they would not have a clue what that was. But what looked to be the eldest said,    “We homeschool too and we’re off on Monday’s”    I remember feeling a connection on that alone and had asked to speak with their mother.  We planned to get together very soon and do some joint work with the girls. (I mean, really- it’s surprising when you just bump into another homeschooling mom, especially one so close. I almost always have to join groups or search APS for associations that meet way out in Stockbridge or somewhere else I don’t want to drive to )

Anyway, today the house was empty and cold. The absence of life is actually what made me stop and exam the home.  No longer were the porch chairs out, or curtains in the windows- only newspaper taped to the windows, hiding the emptiness behind the door with a missing handle.  I jotted down the address making a mental note to search tax records praying I was wrong…. after all, they could be vacation..  the mother also home schools and would not be bound to being around until school is out at the end of May.

Well, what I thought is true. There is a sheriff notice on the tax records. *sigh*

My lesson- do not put off for tomorrow what you can (and should) do today. I missed an opportunity.  My girls did want to get to know them too..maybe our paths will cross again.