The Grounds Coffeehouse…

Has an amazing Quilt exhibit on display. Now is your time to begin your collection- there are very skilled beginning quilters with large items at affordable prices!

Artists: O.V. Brantley, Aleathia Chisolm, Nancy DeCreny Franklin,Julia J. Glover, Aisha Lumumba, Belinda Pedroso, Paulette Strain

I have my eye on a few, “Stepping Out”, “Queen of Everything”, “Black Butterfly”,”Roses are Red”… but obviously I have expensive taste since these cost the most….however, they are worth every cent!

Historic West End Bumper Stickers….

Have you purchased yours? Only $2 at the Grounds Coffee shop- 898 Oak Street aka- SkyLofts/CVS entrance. Grab a few and represent the WE!!!! -Also, while you’re there- I highly recommend the Peach Smoothie & Pound cake (my weekly treat) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!