Local Farmers on TV

Please check out the latest segment of “Living Smarter with Councilmember Aaron Watson” that features our local farmers markets.
http://www.vimeo.com/26270966. It is currently airing throughout the day on ATL26, the city’s government access station through the end of July.

Change can be hard, but usually always worth it.  Studies show that a healthier life means a  longer life.  I’m pretty sure we can all agree, we’d enjoy that.  Of course there’s a catch.  One can’t just snap his fingers and be healthy.  Like everything, it takes hard work and time.

The first step is changing one’s diet.  Now this doesn’t mean nibble on lettuce day and night, but to make decisions that will benefit your body.  Vegetable and fruit are amazing natural sources of the vitamins we need to survive.  You don’t have to limit yourself to them, though.  Just make sure your intake of them is sufficient.  The protein found in meat is still needed, and eating it on a smaller scale is good for you.  But if you are a vegetarian, beans and fish also provide the protein needed.  Healthy foods have been added to the menu, but now it’s time to subtract the junk.  A snack or dessert is okay occasionally, but when eaten excessively, you are only causing damage.  Limit and control yourself.


When your body has enough nutrients and sugars to operate, the leftovers are stored away in pockets of fat.  The more that’s added, the larger they become.  This is why eating habits aren’t the only areas in your life needing change.  That’s right, movement is essential.  In other words GET UP! It’s easy to forget to exercise from being tired from work, watching your favorite program all day (while snacking of course!), or just being too tired and going straight to sleep.  People need at least half an hour of physical challenge per day.  This is bound to keep your body in shape.


These minor changes have major results, and are the stepping stones to a healthier lifestyle.  For more information visit http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/HealthyLivingIndex/HealthyLivingIndex.



By Cassia Preston

Please help me in the fight against cancer

(A note from a dedicated West End resident- we need your support)

He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything. -Arabian proverb

If it were not for hope I would not be here today. The hope of family, friends and even those who barely knew me gave me the will to live. Now five years later I am still here by God’s grace. Now for me to give someone else that same hope to live is my way of giving back. So, please help me in my efforts to raise money for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.

Now, I do understand that we are in a recession right now but cancer does not stop just because the economy is in a downturn. If you can only donate $5, just know that every little bit helps. Your donation will help the American Cancer Society fund groundbreaking cancer research, provide up-to-date cancer information, advocate for all people to have access to screening and treatment, and offer free programs and services to improve the quality of life for people facing cancer. So please, remember whether it is a friend, family member, the neighbor down the street, or your own personal experience, we have all been touched by cancer in some way.

So please make a donation today at the link below or just come and join us as we give hope to those who need it most at the Relay for Life of South Fulton/Spelman on the evening of April 24 at 7pm until April 25 at 7am at Tri-Cities High School.


Free Fitness Classes in West End Park!

Tai Chi Chuan:  Saturdays @ 8:00 a.m

  • The Chinese characters for Tai Chi Chuan can be translated as the ‘Supreme Ultimate Force’. The notion of ’supreme ultimate’ is often associated with the Chinese concept of yin-yang, the notion that one can see a dynamic duality (male/female, active/passive, dark/light, forceful/yielding, etc.) in all things. ‘Force’ (or, more literally, ‘fist’) can be thought of here as the means or way of achieving this ying-yang, or ’supreme-ultimate’ discipline.

    Benefits of Tai Chi Chuan:

  • Reduce stress
  • Increase flexibility
  • Improve muscle strength and definition
  • Increase energy, stamina and agility
  • Increase feelings of well-being

    Jump Rope Class:  Saturdays @ 10:00 a.m.

    This 30-minute class for men and women utilizes the jump rope the entire time. It will not only improve and perfect your jump roping skills, but is sure to whip you into shape; it is an excellent cardio and muscle strengthening workout. Jump roping isn’t just for kids and boxers anymore.  Bring your own jump rope (if you have one) and some water, too!


    Benefits of Jumping Rope:


    ·         An excellent aerobic and anaerobic cross-training workout

            ·         An efficient, high intensity, calorie burning activity to improve body composition, comparable to running at 12 to 15 Kcal per minute. 

    • A total body workout, utilizing the muscles of the calves, gluteus and quads.  The constant turning of the rope also effectively uses the upper body muscles of the chest, back, shoulders, biceps, forearms and triceps. 
    • Improves the following athletic training skills: Speed, Agility, Power, Endurance, Timing, Coordination, Balance, Rhythm, and Grace. 
    • A fun and inexpensive workout that is easy to learn, but always remains a constant challenge.

     Fore more information:                                                            Call  (404) 304.1511 or email  ejhark12@yahoo.com