SAVE our Fire Station #7!!! A message from WEND:

WEND have been trying to save this firehouse, we even had people who were willing to fix the firehouse up for free.  We were told that it was not on the cutting block.  But things change quickly and now Mayor Franklin has decided to close the firehouse. 
Help us bring the closing to the attention of people.  The media with be at the Station tomorrow.  We would like you to be there as well.  Please come out at 7:00pm Saturday July 13 to firehouse number 7.  It’s located on Whitehall street behind Capital City bank.  The schedule closing date is this Monday
Let’s show everyone how much we love this station.  And if that is not were your heart is, think about your pocketbook.  If this station close, it is possible that your home insurance rates will increase.  Once again, I ask you to stand with me.
Place: Firehouse number 7
Time: 7pm
Date: Saturday July 12th
This message has been brought to us by Vonda Henry, Secretary of WEND

What’s even more disappointing to me is in June-I was at the NPU-T meeting with Mayor Franklin who at that time clearly stated: ‘the station would NOT be closing’, after being questioned by our many concerned residents.

Woman Sells Pieces of her Foreclosed Home

An Ontario, Calif., woman, who tried to save her home from foreclosure by selling its period flooring, baseboards, and other fixtures on eBay, was evicted and the house was secured by local police.

A Superior Court judge intervened after the city complained that the home was being desecrated. The city had an interest because it gave the 71-year-old Mediterranean Revival home owner a break on property taxes because the property is considered historic.

Owner Kim Shewalter stopped paying her mortgage after payments adjusted to $6,500 a month. “Until the bank takes it away, that’s my home,” she says.

Shewalter says she was only removing and selling items that she installed in the home herself, such as a set of custom-made cabinets and an antique light fixture she inherited from her grandmother.

“I have to give my house back to the bank, and I want to be sure I recoup a little bit of my money,” she says.

Source: The Associated Press (01/12/08)

Ok, is it JUST me but…. $6500 a month???????????  I’d sell some items too!!!  This foreclosure mess is driving people insane.  I want to compile a list of agencies/resources that will help.  REALLY help- not hustle, those who are already down… a list of non-profits. Any  ideas?  Do you know any?  I’m extermly heart broken every time I see another “short sale” listing….   Last week I spent hours questioning a couple in this situation on the steps they’ve taken to receive help.  I almost wanted to pay the behind mortgage just so they could stay in their home of many years…but that was not the issue. The monthly mortgage expense has escalated to some ridiculous amount they could never make it each month.

My prayers are with you all who are facing these hardships….

My advice to those who think they soon may be in this situation is to NOT WAIT… SEEK HELP NOW… every minute counts

If you know of any agencies, resources, city programs or anything that is helping please let me know- we need to do more to help each other, and if all we can do now is knowledge transfer, we MUST do it. This is not an individual problem.

Sam Thompson: Opteum Mortgage

I was hoping this might happen.  FHA may be coming to the rescue.  There is a big void out there now for customers with sub-standard credit scores that cannot qualify for conventional loans.  There are others that already own a home and  have a loan but need help with the type of mortgage they used to purchase their current home.  They may have one of those infamous conventional 2/28 loan programs where the rate can jump up to 12% after the first two years of the loan.  The “2” represented the time bomb period and the “28” is the number of days they have until they lose their home.

Seriously, I would like to meet the person that invented the 2/28.  I’m sure it was a Wall Street type, probably someone in their late 20s or early 30s that may have even originated loans for a few months before moving over to the investment world.  Can you imagine maxing out your mortgage payment on an adjustable rate mortgage for $200,000 at 7.5% only to see your rate increase to 12.25% after two years.   “But you can refinance the house after a year or so.”  You have to wonder how many times some loan officer or real estate agent said that to the homebuyer.

But let’s move forward.  The Senate passed an FHA modernization bill by a 93-1 vote today that will raise the FHA loan limit to $417,000 in high-cost areas and lowers the minimum down payment requirement to 1.5% from 3.0%.   The House passed its version of the bill in September.  So it could be law in early 2008.  So help is on the way, along with Santa…. 

 Best regards,
Sam Thompson
Loan Officer

Opteum Mortgage

(toll free)

222 Chastain Meadows Court, Suite 300
Kennesaw, GA 30144



Email/call Sam to find our more about his competitive mortgages and weekly rates.

Did you know..

There are a number of State, City and Non profit programs available to help with down payment assistance?

There are a number of State, City and Non profit programs available to help those with challenged credit, to get you into a home within 90days or less?

There are a number of programs  available just for those wanting to live within the city? For those with low-mid income  wanting to live in neighborhoods such as the West End or Westview?

If you didn’t know- you better ask. I’ll gladly direct you to a few mortgage specialist that are approved for many of these programs, who will work with you in finding the right one for you!