Is Loft living for you?

Interested in living on the Westside?  Take a stroll down Marietta Street and be amazed by the transformation.  The inviting sleek developments and industrial loft conversions will make you consider changing your wardrobe to ALL black and opening a gallery (which is not a bad idea!).  I love the clean lines and mod feel of the new Westside, not to mention my favorite store (Room& Board) is nicely holding it down.

How did this New Westside spring up before out eyes and what’s the history behind it?  Read about the history of the Marietta St Artery HERE

Where would one live over here? If it were me, in a Loft- naturally! However if you can’t find an old industrial loft (which are in limited supply) why not a new mid/high-rise?   The White Provision,built in 2009 has a few NEW models available for you to make your own.  2bed/2bath listed for $500K+ they also offer  take abatement to 2022, paid HOA and $4K towards your closing costs- garage parking, pool, fitness center are the amenities. See more HERE

I did manage to see 1 listing in the wonderful KING PLOW, a nice live/work FMLS #4273301 – get this, the list price will include ALL furnishings. Ready to run a business in your PJs?

There is much history in this area to be explored. In between shopping, take a stroll and view the architecture, appreciate the change and what is restored. Here’s info from Wikipedia:

The area began as an industrial area along the railroad line northwest from Atlanta even before the American Civil War — the Western and Atlantic Railroad line was completed in 1837. In 1881 the International Cotton Exposition was held at the north end of the corridor, for which the Exposition Cotton Mills were built. Mule-pulled trolleys brought workers starting in 1882, and these became electrified in 1894.[4] The area continued as an industrial and warehouse area, though the commercial strip along Marietta Street suffered with suburbanization starting in the 1960s. In the 1990s, several adaptive reuse projects kicked off (Hasting’s Seed Company, The Carriage Works, King Plow Arts Center, and the Allied Warehouse #2), signaling the renaissance of the area.[5]

Bellwood was annexed to the city of Atlanta in 1897.[6] The neighborhood of Bellwood was officially renamed Marietta Street Artery in the 2000s.

Need easy access to Georgia Tech?

Have you looked in Home Park for your new home?   In this market, a home purchase may be more affordable than renting-and a better investment. 

Not familiar with Home Park?  Home Park was developed in 1901 as housing for workers at the Atlantic Steel Mill located where Atlantic Station is today. Over time and due to the schools’ close proximity, it has developed a large student population, being a popular alternative to on-campus housing at nearby institutions Georgia Tech and Georgia State University, resulting in a low owner occupancy rate. Because of its location directly south of Atlantic Station and north of Georgia Tech, it has recently seen an increase in property values and development

*Information from Wikipedia*

Here’s a good listing in Home Park- affordable with enough space for a roommate!

FMLS# #: 5066049    1102 Center Street NW  3bedrooms/2 bathrooms  list price $253K

Thinking of moving to West End/ Westview?

I often receive emails or calls of potential buyers curious about our neighborhood. Many times they want to know if what they’ve read in online reviews are true….

-High crime, blighted community, depressed, no shops, low-income families – and many more negative comments that would make anyone wonder ‘Why should I buy there..?”

All I can say is “Don’t believe everything you read..!!!” We all know, often times the media does not paint an accurate picture of what really IS. Old stereotypes, opinions, rumors and past experiences can influence our thoughts.  When I first moved here (5yrs ago) I spent a lot of time fighting and trying to prove to family and friends just how wrong they were about the neighborhood. Now, I am really enjoying being one of Atlanta’s best kept “Secret Neighborhoods”.  I felt,‘ if someone is so foolish to let their opinions on a community be swayed  based on rumors than we don’t need that kind of neighbor anyway’.  I want more neighbors like those I have- movers and shakers, adventurous, passionate, caring, the challenge seekers, strong, those willing to break down barriers to do what others say ‘can’t be done’ , I need more neighbors who garden (because I LOVE getting fresh veggies from their garden-lol), more neighbors who bake (and drop my kids off cupcakes or make me dinner when I’m sick/prego)  The neighbors I have care enough about their kids and education that they didn’t just move to a good school district, they created a charter school, home school and WORK IN the local public schools to MAKE them great.

And when we didn’t have anything to do- we created our own: Chili Parties, Pizza Parties, Historic Holiday Parties, Auction nights, Screen on the Green, Dog Parades, themed dinners! But there are also plenty of public places i.e. Museums, restaurants, Book stores and need I say it.. Krispy Kreme!!

The community benefits of living in West End and Westview are endless…………it depends on YOU!

But if you’re still not convinced and need additional information-here is my New Buyer script:

“Welcome to MY South West Atlanta!

The Historic West End and Westview communities are the best intown Atlanta neighborhoods currently offering Craftsman Bungalows for under 100K!  For more neighborhood information please visit their websites and subscribe to their chat groups: or

 The city of Atlanta does provide down payment assistance for buyers with an FHA loan and who take the steps necessary to obtain it. One of the steps is working with a lender that has access to the funds, the other is to take a 1day class; please see this site for details( under “Affordable Housing” and “Homebuyers” see the mortgage info.We are hoping to really increase homeownership in 2011 ! We could really use you- so if you’re one ready to think outside the box, or one needing just a bit more convincing then send me an email and let’s discuss the next steps!
Here is a mortgage officer that can tell you more, Vonda Henry , she is also the President of the West End neighborhood association.
Our local schools consist of  M.A.Jones Elementry, and Brown Middle School. We also have 2 wonderful, new charter schools that I feel very good about- KIPP Strive Academy ( and Kindezi (
For crime prevention, we have a mini-police precinct as well as Private Security options are available in the Historic West End. Also our neighbors strongly believe in the “Neighborhood Watch” approach and take part in annual training offered by the City.
We believe in being active with City Council and partnering with them to address our needs. for information about our Neighborhood Planning Unit.
 Here is a couple ( who have purchased and restored their home, they have inspired many and are an example of the many new home owners we have.  
If you are on please search and “Add” each- to keep up with the latest events!”
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4 Tips to Getting a Loan

These days one of the biggest impediments to closing a real estate sale can be the buyer’s ability to get a mortgage.

Here are some tips for anyone who hopes to land a loan:

  • Turn to the government. The biggest source of loans these days is the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and the Veterans Administration (VA). These programs accept borrowers with lower credit scores and allow them to put down as little as 3.5 percent of the purchase price.

  • Document, document, document. Borrowers will need bank statements, brokerage statements, W-2 forms and tax returns.

  • Boost credit scores. Borrowers should avoid having more than one-third of their maximum borrowing capacity outstanding on one credit card. If necessary, rotate the debt among several cards.

  • Work your connections. Comparison shopping is easy online, but if your customer has an established relationship with a local bank, suggest they try that lender first.

Source:, Christopher Palmeri (01/23/09)

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Hello! Welcome to my blog. I hope you’ve found it to be helpful.  If you are in the market to Buy or  Sell a home within the South West Atlanta area, please feel free to give me a call.

I am a local West End resident and specialize in two of the best In Town neighborhoods of Atlanta; Historic West End & Westview.  I’m not just saying that we are the best,I have found this to be true- I moved  here from East Atlanta!  If you are looking for homes reasonably priced, spacious, character filled and a TRUE sense of community within the city-  we’re here for you!  

For further information about each please view : or contact any of the listed resources for neighborhood information as well as stats on crime, schools , shops.  Unfortunately my time is limited to my clients so I am unable to provide any general insight to our community beyond what I list on my blog.   However, after reviewing the above sites, and speaking with other residents, I’m sure you’ll come to agree these are great neighborhoods to relocate to and invest in.  Also, both communities have leaders that will provide walking tours.

If you are interested in becoming a client- feel free to give me a call 404-414-3289 or email to set a time for us to meet. I look forward to working with you!

Want to know more about me? “Google” me- see all that I do within my communities, I’m serious about the continued growth and redevelopment of these wonderful communities within Neighborhood Planning Unit-T (NPU-T)!


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