NPU-T Meeting Tonight 7PM

Greetings NPU-T Community,

Please be reminded of the monthly NPU-T meeting to held 7:00PM Wednesday January 14th @ Founders Hall (Shrine of the Black Madonna) 952 Ralph D. Abernathy Blvd SW 30310. Attached is the agenda and other supporting documents. It is important to note that NPU-T meetings will begin at our new time this year of 7:00PM. Your timely attendance is appreciated.

There will be an important vote this month on whether or not to establish a schedule that would rotate the meetings quarterly throughout the neighborhoods of NPU-T. In addition, NPU-T officers elected for the new term will be sworn in by the Honorable H. Lamar Willis, City Councilperson At Large – Post 3. Of course, we still have a number of leadership opportunities available in the form of NPU-T committees and appointed officer positions. Be sure to invite your neighbors and friends to start the new year off right by being involved with the civic life of our community. – Cubby

NPU-T Exec Comm minutes 1.8.09 Exec Comm minutes 1.8.08.pdf

NPU-T General Meeting Agenda 1.14.09 General Meeting Agenda 1.14.09.pdf

NPU-T general meeting minutes 12.10.09 general meeting minutes 12.10.08.pdf