Salsa Dancing!

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Mastering the Art of

“Salsa Dancing”

(For Males & Females)

Want to…

§  Learn how to Salsa Dance?

§  Heat up the Dance Floor for the Holidays?

§  Get Some Exercise?


Bring a friend or Make New Friends!


 “Free Salsa Dance Classes


presented by

“The “Rose”


Mondays, November 22, 29


Monday, December 6, 2010


West End Branch Library

A part of the

Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System

525 Peeples Street SW


All Programs Are Free And Open To The Public

Free Wi-Fi service now at your library

Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System has officially launched free wireless Internet access at each of its 34 libraries. Wi-Fi is available to any Atlanta-Fulton Public Library user with a Wi-Fi enabled laptop, PDA or Wi-Fi-ready gaming device.

“The new wireless service is another integral way that the library provides ways for our patrons to connect to the online world,” said John F. Szabo, Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System Director. “By transforming our libraries into Wi-Fi hotspots for the community, we add additional ways for visitors to access the library catalogs and various databases, and it frees up more of our desktop computers for those who do not have laptops.”

“An informed public is an empowered public,” said John Eaves, chairman of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners. “Installing WiFi in our libraries will allow people free and easy access to information. This is critical not only for nurturing the minds of our young people and senior citizens, but it has the added effect of growing our economy by aiding in the development of productive citizens who are ready for the jobs of the future.”

“The new wireless network will bring immediate benefits to the library system, while serving as a platform for future applications in the years ahead. The net result is an ultra-modern, affordable wireless network that will serve AFPLS and its patrons for years to come!” said Ryan Fernandes, CIO/Director of Fulton County’s Department of Information Technology.

Wi-Fi allows users to connect to the Internet at no cost to them with their own technology devices, giving patrons the freedom to be comfortable anywhere in their library while reading, perform research or other activities utilizing the web. Wireless is available during each branch’s regular operating hours and will turn off 15 minutes before the branch’s scheduled closing time. For more information, please go to

NPU-T Bylaws Committee Meeting notice!

The NPU-T Bylaws Committee will hold its final bylaws review session for the general body on Monday, September 29th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at the West End Public Library on Peeples Street. The review session will begin at 6:00 p.m. sharp and can take no longer than two hours because the library closes at 8:00 p.m. and we must vacate the building at that time. We have provided a copy of the most recent draft of the proposed bylaws for your review in advance (see attached). In the interest of time, please come prepared.

This will be the last opportunity for comprehensive discussion and comment on the bylaws before a vote is taken at the next general body meeting in October. At that meeting, discussion will be limited because of the number of other agenda items requiring our attention. I strongly encourage everyone who has expressed interest about the bylaws review process to attend this important meeting on Monday, September 29th.
Oni Holley
Chair, NPU-T Bylaws Committee

Pearl Cleage

Award winning author  Pearl Cleage will be at the West End Branch Library September 2, 2008 @ 7PM.

Can I tell you how excited I am about seeing (and possibly meeting) this amazingly talented writer. She’s on every bestsellers list and Oprah’s book club (not that I read based on Oprah’s list BUT according to people.. if you make that- then you must be doing something good- LOL)

I was introduced to Ms Cleage by one of my buyers who was motivated to move to the West End because of her novels!!! (Thank you Ms Cleage for making my job easier!!)  Apparently the novels give great details about our, especially about the homes on Peeples street. I wonder if she lives in the West End???… I think I know almost everyone, but I know she lives in Atlanta (thanks to the small bio on her book). Today I picked up my first copy of her work- “Baby Brother’s Blues”. Bear with me as I take you guys on this journey. You wouldn’t know it, but besides Real Estate my other passion is writing. I know…I know.. again, you wouldn’t know it from my shabby blog writing..but I have work.  ” I couldda been a Contender..” (I mean WRITER)..which movie is that from?

Hey..look what I’ve found