Summer fun in West End Atlanta

filled with plenty of community events and opportunity to meet new neighbors on another level.

Friday: SPACE ATL and the West End Merchant Coalition held a Networking Social from 6-8PM.  The successful event turned out both old and new neighbors, entrepreneurs,professionals, those running for election and even a few considering a move from the East to the SW 🙂 .  Special thanks to Capital City Bank for their continued support and assistance in renewing our SW ATL communities.

After the meeting a few of us were in for a special treat!  Thanks to Suna Om (local merchant, resident , friend and President of the Korean Chamber of Commerce) invited us to the Miss Korea Pageant. It was an amazing experience!

SANY3632 SANY3633

Saturday:  Work -work-work, as usual..but I was also able to get in some gardening; there may be some use in my lime-green thumb!  I planted this last year, and it survived!! Well, it came back (unfortunatly I can not say this for the other two, but something is better than nothing) SANY3547

Then, Malcolm X Festival.  What can I say? This event gets better and better each year! I was very impressed with many of the performers and vendors I have a few on the list for my next purchases.  My gang  loved to watch the martial artists perform (can’t remember what form they were doing- Cap..something but it’s beautiful to watch…like a fight in slow motion to music!)

2009 NPU T Parks Chair
2009 NPU T Parks Chair
2008 NPU T Parks Chair
2008 NPU T Parks Chair


K. Beam Creations Custom Buttas
K. Beam Creations Custom Buttas or 404-957-2239 (she’s certainly one vendor on my list!)

After all that- I was worn. So unfortunately, I did miss one event Saturday night- a Westview birthday party for Patrick Berry (NuSpace Media- )  .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATRICK! HOW DOES IT FEEL TO JOIN THE ‘OLD’ CROWD?  lol

Memorial Day Weekend in West End…

We really did need this 3day weekend! The 1st day that I did get to relax was wonderful; I’m looking forward to the 4th of July..

Besides the normal race of finding the perfect house for my new buyers (which they found!) I  did attend the Malcolm X festival, had a blast and was grateful I left my money at home or else I would  be over flowing with hand made bracelet’s, earrings and hair ornaments.   My girls enjoyed watching the show of African Warrior dance moves. *pictures to come*

I also had the pleasure * NOT * of going to David’s Bridal and try on dresses for a summer wedding my girls and I will be in- check out the girls:

Then on Monday we got to enjoy a BBQ- Jordon enjoyed watching the fish swim in the pond-this little one was hard to snap a picture of…

I did get a chance to snatch up a baby…

and watch a card game… *I suck at ALL games*


Leah was trying to butter me up for more chips..


my neighbors have done an amazing job with their backyard adding a pond, veggie/herb garden, island seating area…

I think I’ll take some before and after pics of my yard. I’m working on it- slowly…. I’ll try to have it done by July 4th. 

So when I look at the pictures and reflect, I realized although I really really really miss Brooklyn- it’s pretty wonderful to be in the West End.  I’m looking forward to adding new neighbors.  Only 5 more available homes on my block!