Don’t forget-

NPU-T meeting tonight at 7:30 PM @ the Shrine of the Black Madonna on RDA (come early to sign-in)

Many exciting events and presentations on the agenda- and many good prizes 🙂 – you dont want to miss it!

We will also wish our Planner the best as he moves on to continue to do great things for our City!

NPU-T Executive meeting was…

on point!!! And just what I needed to pull myself out of the “Atlanta politics are over whelming me…” slump.   WE DO HAVE A VOICE, AND AN ORGANIZED TEAM OF PEOPLE POSITIONING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THESE BUDGET CUTS, TAX HIKES  AND HOW THEY AFFECT US!!

We will need to mobilize- which mean, you can not just read this blog. WE NEED YOU AT THE NPU-T MEETING ON MAY 14TH (NEXT WEDNESDAY).  Come out and let’s show the city- we ARE the city. We RUN this city. Step up or Step OUT!

Ok- I like that… I may need to make some T-shirts with that..


Cute slogan, now let’s make it’s truth. See you next Wednesday.

Did you miss NPU-T last night?

Here are the Minutes and you can view previous months on our website at

You do not want to miss April! April will entail a presentation from our very own Brent Brewer, a film on Mortgage Fraud and how it affects a community,West End  in particular. More to come on this…

Dont you just love hugs?

This is how I was greeted at the West End Coalition Group, Inc- neighborhood association meeting, with a warm hug and a smile.

The West End Coalition Group, Inc. is an neighborhood association for Westview residents residing on the side of Altoona, Enota, Inman, Mathewson Place etc.

Ms. Uella Calhoun, President- kindly allowed me to join their holiday party this year.The food was amazing- (you know our mature residents can throw down and cook some holiday food!) It was a wonderful treat. Residents connected, children danced and holiday music filled the air, while the gracious President prepared a few plates for a homeless couple passing by.

I look forward to attending their meetings and working with this organization in my role as PRO for NPU-T. If you live within this vicinity- I invite you out. Meetings are held monthly- the 3rd Tuesday starting at 7:30PM within the Westview Lofts (ground floor) on Ralph David Abernathy and Lucille Ave





NPU-T Meeting and Holiday Party

On behalf of our President, Kwabena “Cubby” Nkromo, I’d like to invite you to attend our last NPU-T meeting of the 2007 year.
Please come out, bring a neighbor and represent your community at this event.

There will be a “pot luck” celebration to wrap up our meeting and year,- feel free to bring a dish of your choice.
Let’s unite, reflect and enjoy as we prepare to roll up our sleeves and make positive changes within our communities in the New Year.

Date: Dec 12th
Time: 7:30PM
Location: Founders Hall- Shrine of the Black Madonna on Ralph David Abernathy Blvd

Community Associations and Organizations within NPU-T

The West End Coalition Group, Inc.

Booker T. Washington Community Association

Ashview Community Development Association, Inc.

Westview Community Organization, Inc.

West End Neighborhood Development Association (WEND)

Just Us Neighbors

It’s Our Neighborhood

The West End Merchants Coalition, Inc.

~Nia Knowles
NPU-T Public Relations Officer