Wren’s Nest Free

Wrens Nest part of Phoenix Flies on March 17 & 18 and 24 & 25. It’s Free and we’re open on Sunday (just these two weekends).
Two storytelling sessions each day. Saturday 11:30a and 1p and Sunday 1:30 & & 3. Saturday regular hours: 10-2:30; Sunday 1-4.
I hope all our neighbors will take advantage of this and come on down!

Night out in West End

We had a great time out with W.E.N.D….

Ownership: Rules to Make Nice With Neighbors

Rowdy neighbors. Filthy neighbors. Neighbors who never speak.

Some neighbors are boors and it can affect property values, says Deborah Ford, director of the bachelor of science program in real estate and economic development at the University of Baltimore.

“There are strict laws about housing discrimination, so [real estate practitioners] can’t do or say anything that would deter someone from moving to a community,” Ford says. [But, “if people get tired, some of them will decide, ‘I’m moving out.'”

Johns Hopkins University professor P.M. Forni, founder of the Johns Hopkins Civility Project and author of the book Choosing Civility, says he has always found it fascinating that the word “rival” comes from a Latin word for “neighbor.”

Now writing a follow-up called The Civility Solution: What to Do When People Are Rude, Forni offers these neighborly tips from his upcoming book:

When walking your dog make sure that your pooch does not stray onto your neighbor’s lawn. Clean up after your pet.

Do not schedule grass-mowing or leaf-blowing before 10 a.m. on Saturdays or Sundays.

Let your neighbors in the apartment building or cul-de-sac know when you are planning a party with multiple guests. Apologize in advance for any parking-related inconvenience that might occur.

If you have planned substantial renovation work, send a note to your neighbors with beginning and ending dates of the project and the daily working hours. Assure them that you have instructed your contractor that there must be no spilling over of the site onto neighboring properties. Include in the envelope two carwash gift certificates apologizing for the inevitable dust. Send an e-mail to neighbors to give updates or get feedback about how your contractor is doing.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, Donna M. Owens (01/13/2008)

There are perks to living in Westview..

This weekend Patrick and Steffi (www.westviewbungalow.com) had an awesome Chili Cookout which was open to neighbors and friends! Great music, food and conversation. And as usual-conversation is always interesting if you put an IBM professional, Teacher and Realtor together..I have no idea how we got on the topic of Autism. lol

There had to be at least 8 different chili recipes to taste and vote on while getting to know our neighbors- those old and new.  Unfortunately, I was limited to the Vegetarian Chili, while tempted by the aroma of the others..lol but it was a great choice with spinach salad.

Thanks Patrick and Steffi for the invite!

Our West End Newsletter

Our October/November Newsletter is out! I received mines yesterday, complimentary of the free door to door distribution- thanks guys!! If you haven’t received your newsletter you can pick one up at many of the businesses on Ralph David Abernathy Blvd (RDA) or check out my favorite spot- the West End Print shop..

As usual there is great info and news on the West End, neighbors and events. Many wonderful articles to reinforce our pride in our community. Many new neighbors, new children, new businesses. I was particularly happy to see the article on how some of our neighbors, renters AND owners are helping to fight/overcome mortgage fraud in our area. (check out page 6)

Sales in the West End are jumping! Just today I was on the phone with a buyer who is considering placing an offer on a house that already has a few offers!!!!!!How awesome is that? *My fingers crossed for you buyer*
But there are still beautiful homes available. I’m excited to see the movement and offers going forth in our area. I love the many calls I receive from those particularly interested in the West End (Historic district and other). A few of my buyers also have Westview homes on their list- Historic West End’s neighbor. Pretty soon what will I do for business? 🙂 I’m sure all our homes will be filled with long term residents!

I applaud neighbor Carl Ness, for his promotion and diligence in all he does. Check out the WEND blog (http://www.wendblog.com/) for details on his latest tasks “getting rid of an eyesore”. Also, contact Carl if you’d like to purchase a “West End Historic District” street topper sign. Only $45- I’m getting one for my door! (I wish I had a metal gate in front of my house!) 404-755-7832.

On another note, our support is also needed to keep publishing our newsletter. Currently it is published by a 501(c)3 non profit community development organization “Creating Vibrant Communities, Inc.” (read more on them on page 1 of the paper this issue). Both donations and advertising will have to increase in order to keep the paper going. Remember- our donations are tax deductible since it is a non-profit 501(c)3. Let’s see if we can pull together and support the organization that help keep us connected! Checks can be made out to “Our West End Newsletter” and mailed or dropped off at 662 Grady Place SW, Atlanta, GA 30310