A message to West End Neighbors…

See THIS flyer for additional details
Dear Neighbors and Friends:
Help Build Community in the Historic West End!
A fabulous not-for-profit called SisterSong, which is located right on Abernathy is offering training to women of all cultural and racial backgrounds that are interested in becoming Doula’s.
As a member of SisterSong’s Management Circle, I can vouch for their incredible work in communities across the country and I’m happy to promote their amazing programming.
This is a great opportunity for all women!
For more information see the attached flyer & check out their website:
Also, the organization is trying to raise funds to provide scholarships to women in the community that may not be able to participate due to the fee.
If you have the means, consider a donation to make it possible for women who may otherwise not be able to participate. You can donate on the website. I just did!
Doula’s can make a living wage!!! Let’s create opportunities of self-sufficiency and healthy birthing experiences for families in Atlanta.
Please email this information to everyone you think may be interested.

Our West End Newsletter

Our October/November Newsletter is out! I received mines yesterday, complimentary of the free door to door distribution- thanks guys!! If you haven’t received your newsletter you can pick one up at many of the businesses on Ralph David Abernathy Blvd (RDA) or check out my favorite spot- the West End Print shop..

As usual there is great info and news on the West End, neighbors and events. Many wonderful articles to reinforce our pride in our community. Many new neighbors, new children, new businesses. I was particularly happy to see the article on how some of our neighbors, renters AND owners are helping to fight/overcome mortgage fraud in our area. (check out page 6)

Sales in the West End are jumping! Just today I was on the phone with a buyer who is considering placing an offer on a house that already has a few offers!!!!!!How awesome is that? *My fingers crossed for you buyer*
But there are still beautiful homes available. I’m excited to see the movement and offers going forth in our area. I love the many calls I receive from those particularly interested in the West End (Historic district and other). A few of my buyers also have Westview homes on their list- Historic West End’s neighbor. Pretty soon what will I do for business? 🙂 I’m sure all our homes will be filled with long term residents!

I applaud neighbor Carl Ness, for his promotion and diligence in all he does. Check out the WEND blog (http://www.wendblog.com/) for details on his latest tasks “getting rid of an eyesore”. Also, contact Carl if you’d like to purchase a “West End Historic District” street topper sign. Only $45- I’m getting one for my door! (I wish I had a metal gate in front of my house!) 404-755-7832.

On another note, our support is also needed to keep publishing our newsletter. Currently it is published by a 501(c)3 non profit community development organization “Creating Vibrant Communities, Inc.” (read more on them on page 1 of the paper this issue). Both donations and advertising will have to increase in order to keep the paper going. Remember- our donations are tax deductible since it is a non-profit 501(c)3. Let’s see if we can pull together and support the organization that help keep us connected! Checks can be made out to “Our West End Newsletter” and mailed or dropped off at 662 Grady Place SW, Atlanta, GA 30310