Summer fun in West End Atlanta

filled with plenty of community events and opportunity to meet new neighbors on another level.

Friday: SPACE ATL and the West End Merchant Coalition held a Networking Social from 6-8PM.  The successful event turned out both old and new neighbors, entrepreneurs,professionals, those running for election and even a few considering a move from the East to the SW 🙂 .  Special thanks to Capital City Bank for their continued support and assistance in renewing our SW ATL communities.

After the meeting a few of us were in for a special treat!  Thanks to Suna Om (local merchant, resident , friend and President of the Korean Chamber of Commerce) invited us to the Miss Korea Pageant. It was an amazing experience!

SANY3632 SANY3633

Saturday:  Work -work-work, as usual..but I was also able to get in some gardening; there may be some use in my lime-green thumb!  I planted this last year, and it survived!! Well, it came back (unfortunatly I can not say this for the other two, but something is better than nothing) SANY3547

Then, Malcolm X Festival.  What can I say? This event gets better and better each year! I was very impressed with many of the performers and vendors I have a few on the list for my next purchases.  My gang  loved to watch the martial artists perform (can’t remember what form they were doing- Cap..something but it’s beautiful to watch…like a fight in slow motion to music!)

2009 NPU T Parks Chair
2009 NPU T Parks Chair
2008 NPU T Parks Chair
2008 NPU T Parks Chair


K. Beam Creations Custom Buttas
K. Beam Creations Custom Buttas or 404-957-2239 (she’s certainly one vendor on my list!)

After all that- I was worn. So unfortunately, I did miss one event Saturday night- a Westview birthday party for Patrick Berry (NuSpace Media- )  .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATRICK! HOW DOES IT FEEL TO JOIN THE ‘OLD’ CROWD?  lol

Westview Birthday Party…

One of the perks of living in Westview or Historic  West End..neighborhood Parties!!!  Today is the birthday of Steffi Berry (www.Westviewbungalow.comcreator), yesterday was the party- Tex Mex Pot luck was the theme and judging by the  many samples my friend had *smile* I guess the food was fabulous.

A few pics- yes, just a guys know my picture taking skills are limited! lol- And, as I said before, it’s not me…it’s the camera!