Historic West End Bumper Stickers….

Have you purchased yours? Only $2 at the Grounds Coffee shop- 898 Oak Street aka- SkyLofts/CVS entrance. Grab a few and represent the WE!!!! -Also, while you’re there- I highly recommend the Peach Smoothie & Pound cake (my weekly treat) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Open Mic Night & a Math-athon

Open Mic night at the Grounds was inspiring. Harrison (age 9) set it off with one of his original pieces. I always get excited when I see kids in their space- conformable with themselves and life, free enough to stand before a group of adults and speak. -And not just saying ‘anything!’ He had a message.

*appaulds for Harrison *

Open mic night is every Wednesday starting at 7:30. Vincent Tolliver is a regular but we came out with the kids- unfortunatly we didn’t get to hear his piece (as per him, this piece was not for their ears-lol)

Speaking of Harrison, you’ll be amazed when you meet this young man (maybe not- if you’ve met his parents since the apple does not fall far…). Harrison is participating in a Math-athon to help children with cancer for St. Jude Hospital. He is asking for our support, and asking for us to contribute any amount of money- per math problem he complete- i.e. $1 per problem he solves. You can sign up in the Grounds Coffee House (@ the Sky Lofts)- they may not have the sign out so be sure to ASK. It’s for a good cause, and he’s no slacker. How many kids do you know, who are willing to do MATH to help someone? I normally see kids by the side of the interstate with a football uniform or donuts asking me to “donate to my team”………. the unknown team?

The Grounds- West End Specialty Coffee House

Finally! The West End will soon have our own specialty coffee house (specialty Tea too, for tea lovers like myself).

The Grounds will have a “soft” opening this Thursday. Located within the Sky Lofts retail space (ground floor). I’m positive The Grounds will soon be our favorite place to relax.

Warm drinks, WiFi, comfy sofa’s, local art , open mic nights- I’ll take it!

This is a family owned and operated business of residents within our community, let’s show our support- presence and financial- to ensure their success. I’ll be there to check it out tomorrow and will report back with some pictures!