Pearl Cleage

Award winning author  Pearl Cleage will be at the West End Branch Library September 2, 2008 @ 7PM.

Can I tell you how excited I am about seeing (and possibly meeting) this amazingly talented writer. She’s on every bestsellers list and Oprah’s book club (not that I read based on Oprah’s list BUT according to people.. if you make that- then you must be doing something good- LOL)

I was introduced to Ms Cleage by one of my buyers who was motivated to move to the West End because of her novels!!! (Thank you Ms Cleage for making my job easier!!)  Apparently the novels give great details about our, especially about the homes on Peeples street. I wonder if she lives in the West End???… I think I know almost everyone, but I know she lives in Atlanta (thanks to the small bio on her book). Today I picked up my first copy of her work- “Baby Brother’s Blues”. Bear with me as I take you guys on this journey. You wouldn’t know it, but besides Real Estate my other passion is writing. I know…I know.. again, you wouldn’t know it from my shabby blog writing..but I have work.  ” I couldda been a Contender..” (I mean WRITER)..which movie is that from?

Hey..look what I’ve found